Tuesday, 23 September 2014

10 Benefits of Travelling with a Partner

There has been quite a lot of hype recently around the multiple benefits of solo travel and I can see why as it can be extremely rewarding in terms of growing and becoming more independent, however I also love travelling with a partner such as a friend, family member or boyfriend, and there`s no reason why you should only have to choose one over the other. These are the benefits of travelling with a partner in no particular order:

1. Having someone to share memories with and continuously recap even months or years afterwards all the embarrassing, funny, or romantic moments you had during the trip.

2. Having someone next to you when you`re sick. Being by yourself and falling ill while travelling in a place you don`t know anyone and can`t speak the language can be extremely scary so having someone to take care of you can help make things easier.

3. Getting to taste more dishes by sharing each other`s food. Definitely a favourite of mine although one thing I`m not so happy about sharing is dessert :).
benefits of travelling with a partner
"What do you mean I have to share my dessert?"

4. Having someone to help you find your way around. I`m extremely bad with directions or reading maps so it`s always a relief to travel with someone that can find all the tourist attractions, shops, and restaurants I want to check out.
benefits of travelling with a partnerThe road trip my boyfriend and I took to Mallorca was all about finding hidden gems like this beautiful beach.

5. Having someone to take pictures of you in all the embarrassing tourist poses: picture pretending your pushing the leaning tower of Pisa- check!

6. Being able to go to any restaurants, clubs, bars you want without feeling awkward that you`re by yourself. Some people are more extroverted and find it extremely easy to find new friends anywhere they go, however if you`re more introverted like I am then just going to a bar and start talking to people it`s not the easiest of tasks.

7. Share each other baggage weight, and by this I mean being able to sneak that extra pair of heels in your friends/boyfriend backpack.

8. Watch each other baggage when going to toilet/shops

9. Safety. Unfortunately some destinations can be particular dangerous for solo female travellers so having someone you know next to you can definitely make you less of a target.

10. Having someone to share the travel costs with can make travelling much cheaper which means you can afford to travel even more often.
benefits of travelling with a partner
Japan can be very expensive so having someone to share the costs with can make the trip more cost effective.

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  1. Great photos, love it


  2. I prefer to travel with one other person. Groups always tend to want to do too many different things and travel alone isn't nearly as much fun for me :)

    1. I agree Sarah, one other person is the perfect number for me :)

  3. Definitely think it's best to travel with a partner or a small group for safety reasons. Always have to take extra care. :)


  4. I agree travelling with a partner is best. I had a few bad experiences as a solo female traveler. I will never do it again if I can help it.


  5. I totally agree with this. I'm planning on taking a gap year and traveling through Europe with my boyfriend!