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Saturday, 27 September 2014

London Local Lunch Spot: Smokehouse Restaurant Review

I`ve had a fantastic Sunday lunch at Smokehouse in Islington and I`m definitely looking forward to going back. As the name suggests the menu is very meat focused however they also have some fantastic seafood salads and delicious light desserts.  We decided to share so we ordered a couple of small starter dishes and one main. It was definitely a good decision as the starters were the stars of the day.
We`ve had the octopus, N`duja, and potatoes which was amazing.
smokehouse restaurant review
And the crab, Korean pickled cucumber and tomato salad which was very refreshing and delicious. I could eat this everyday in summer. 
smokehouse restaurant review
The main was of course a roast and we went this time with the lamb which was beautifully cooked and had that smoky flavour I love. 
smokehouse restaurant review
If you`re at Smokehouse you need to, actually have to, try their famous brisket roll which is finger licking delicious. My partner and I were literally having fork fights over the last pieces. 
smokehouse restaurant review
The dessert menu is quite light and actually fits very well with the rest of the dishes which are more heavy. As by this point we were super stuffed we shared the T cake. The sauce had a hint of Earl Grey flavour and went really well with the tart which was cooked perfectly.
smokehouse restaurant review
Overall Rating: 16 out of 20

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  1. The food looks delicious :)


  2. oh wow, the food looks so tasty! I wish I lived in London so I could go and try all that amazing food! x

  3. Mmmm. Adding this to my list! I am traveling to London in December and am loving all the yummy places I'm getting from your blog. Thank you tons!
    xo, j.
    P.s... if you ever need California restaurants or hotels to stay at.. I'm your girl. Would LOVE to share!