Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Today`s Outfit: Styling Checked Trousers

checked trousers outfit
checked trousers
styling checked trousers
styling checked trousers
styling checked trousers
styling checked trousers
(Nelly t-shirt, Zara chunky necklace, New Look checked trousers, Nelly ankle cut-out boots)

I have a newfound respect for models, I don`t know how they manage to shoot with full lights in their face as I was crying and squinting my eyes every time I had to look up. That being said I`m loving the sunny autumn days we`re currently having that brings me back so many memories from when I was a child. Even though I finished University 2 years ago, somehow the arrival of fall always reminds me of going back to school. Although I`ve always been more of the nerdy student rather than the cool student by my last two years of Uni I was already feeling like I had enough of academic lifestyle and I just wanted to go out there and actually do stuff. I definitely enjoy more my current lifestyle where I feel more in control of my destiny but I still have some beautiful, funny, sad, and embarrassing memories that I enjoy reviving once in a while with my friends so for those of you who are still in school- take full advantage of this time and enjoy it, and for those who just graduated- don`t worry it will only get better and better :).
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  1. cool look!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. Hey Alina. Just wanted to let you know that I have featured you in my weekly series Looks I Love. I have linked back to this post, so I hope it's okay with you. :) Below is the link to my post. Happy weekend!

    1. thank you so much sweetie! I`ll definitely check it out :)