Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top 10 reasons why I love living in Europe

As much as I love travelling around the world my heart will always belong to Europe. It doesn`t really matter to me so much which country as long as I know I`m somewhere in Europe. And the reasons are:

1. The ease of travelling
It`s very easy to travel from one country to another either by plane, the Eurostar, other trains, coaches, cars, you can be in a different country in just 1 hour which doesn`t really happen in other continents (unless you live exactly near the border). It`s much easier to spend a bank holiday or a long weekend abroad here than if I was living in another continent.
benefits of living in europe
2 hrs flight from London and you`re in one of my favourite European cities: Barcelona!

2. The variety of cultures & histories
Every country in Europe has their own history, traditions, culture so even though you only travel for 1 hour it feels like you`re in a completely new place.
europe travel tips
Venice managed to resist the changes of time with beautiful architecture.
3. The food
Asia might have amazing street food, and America might have great casual dining but how can I leave the delicious, buttery French croissants and roast chicken, the finger licking Danish pastries, the gorgeous Italian pasta, or the warm-hearting Romanian sour soups?
living in europe advantages
Gorgeous meatballs with polenta at Limewood.
4. The variety of seasons
Although I definitely wish summer was longer I do love having 4 seasons than just 1 or 2. It`s great having snow for Christmas and rainy autumn days where I just snuggle with a cup of tea under the duvet (that being said that doesn`t usually happen and most of the time I`m just getting drenched by the rain outside because in the only day I forgot my umbrella it decided to rain).

5. The shopping
London, Paris, Milan, and just a few hours flight away from each other, it`s hard to compete with that.

6. The cultural space
With such a long and diverse history Europe is a great place for studying or just pursuing cultural hobbies like visiting museums, castles, exhibitions.
europe travel tips
At the Louvre in Paris. Almost died after 2 hrs walking but that`s a different story.

7. The ease of relocating if you get bored
If you just want a change of scenery or if you would like to explore studying or working elsewhere it`s much easier to relocate in the EU countries.

8. The safety
Although as a traveler you should always be aware of your surroundings and take normal safety precautions, it`s relatively safe to travel in Europe which make it a preferred choice for solo travellers.

9. The humour
Not everyone can get our humour and this is why I love it even more. Overall people are quite friendly here so it`s easy to find people to talk to.

10. The friends, family & memories
Lastly but not the least, this is where my family and friends live, where I grew up, went to school, so I`ll always feel a certain nostalgia and that sense of "home" towards Europe.

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  1. Such a great post! I love living in Europe and I am thinking about travelling next Summer. Cannot wait! Plus the food looks amazing!! ONOMNOM!

    Rachel xx

    1. thank you Rachel! the food is definitely one of my favourite parts :)

  2. I love living in Europe too! I've only ever visited three places but I've loved them all! would happily go back.

    GIVEAWAY | The little things in life

    1. there are many wonderful places I would like to re-visit in Europe such as Barcelona :)

  3. I completely agree with you! Number 1 is so true, I love how easy it is to travel, especially when I'm talking to friends in Brazil for example who would have a lot more trouble!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog

    1. so true, it`s much easier to spend a long weekend abroad :)

  4. As a typical North American, living in Europe would be a dream come true... Definitely a goal of mine for someday! (soon) Great post Alina :)

    1. thank you Kinza! Hope to see you in Europe soon :)