Monday, 29 September 2014

Top 13 outdoor fashion photography tips for bloggers

Although some fashion bloggers now have actual professional photographers shoot them most of us have to rely either on our partner, friend, family or even self timer for shooting our outfits. I`ve been taking outfit photos for over 3 years now and I`ve experienced pretty much all of the above: self timer, boyfriend, 12 year old brother that couldn`t hold the huge DSLR camera straight, pretty much all.  These are a few of my top tips when it comes to outdoor outfit shooting that I`ve learnt throughout the years and which I hope you find useful  

1. Think of the story you`re trying to portray beforehand
Whenever I prepare for shooting I try to think of the story I`m trying to portray. It doesn`t need to always be super complex especially if you`re shooting your outfit quite often but it does help if you think beforehand of where you`re planning on going and how will that outfit fit with the location.

2. Test different poses beforehand in the mirror
If you`re slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera or you`re tired of always doing the same poses (I`m so guilty of this!), or you`re just wearing something new, it helps to try to practice before leaving in the mirror to see what are the most flattering angles for shooting the outfit you`re wearing.

3. Choose locations or backgrounds that complement your outfit
Sometimes the best backgrounds are the simplest such as a brick wall, a cute street, try to find places that complement your outfit rather than clashing with it. Contrasts can also be good, for example I`ll often pick a more grungy location if I`m wearing a very romantic look to bring out my outfit even more.
outdoor fashion photography tips
Squares can be amazing although they`re harder to get right due to all the crowds. We probably took around 50 photos till we got this one.

4. Good lighting
Good lighting can make or break a photo. The “golden hour” is of course the most flattering however it`s not the easiest to find especially if in winter in London. No matter what though always be aware of where the light hits you so there aren`t any shadows and you and your outfit look clear.
outdoor fashion photography tips
If only I had the Marrakech golden hour everyday.
5. Use props or accessories for simple outfits
Props can be a great way of adding that extra something to your photo however try not to over clutter your photo as they can draw the attention of your readers from yourself to the props. Cute bikes, retro cars, flowers are a few of my favourite props.
outdoor fashion photography tips
Being very naughty here using two favourite props: flowers and a retro car :)

6. Always carry emergency quick fixes kit
I used to be really bad at this but now I`m starting to get better. I try to carry in my “emergency” kit pins, a hairband, a pair of sunglasses (in case the lightening is too harsh), concealer, some tissues, and a lipstick. Depending on the outfit sometimes I`ll also bring an extra pair of shoes if I`m not sure. Sometimes these small things have pretty much saved a shoot that otherwise would have been disastrous. 

7. Do test shots 
Always take a few test shots to check if the background is ok, the lightening is ok or if there is anything you need to change.

8. Carry at least 2 different lenses with you
Portrait lenses and the full frame lenses are my favourites and I switch between the two while shooting.

9. Let your photographer know about what you`re after
If someone else is taking your photos don`t forget to let them know what you`re after so you make sure you`re both aligned in your view. If the photographer knows what you want then he or she will be able to know which angles to use and even come up with a few creative ideas.

10. Take breaks throughout shooting to check the images 
This is great for making sure you`re on the right track so you don`t get home feeling disappointed.

11. Don`t forget the outfit details
For fashion bloggers is not only about the whole outfit but also about the outfit details. Necklaces, bracelets, bags, shoes, or just an interesting print of a skirt can be something to bring out in evidence through photos.

12. Photos in motion can bring extra wow factor
Jumping, running, walking, spinning can definitely make photos come more alive rather than still photography.
outdoor fashion photography tips
I picked and threw those leaves like 20 times till we got this shot but was definitely worth it :)

13. Feeling comfortable
This is probably one of the most important for me. If I don`t feel comfortable or I`m not feeling it then that tends to show in the pictures. Always go with your gut and if you`re not feeling comfortable then either think of alternatives for example other outfit, other location, or postpone the shoot for another hour or day.
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  1. I really love your tips, your photography is always beautiful. Absolutely love that picture of you in marrakech, I also have been there and the lighting in the evening is to die for!
    ellie x

    1. thank you Ellenor! Marrakech is beautiful, definitely a fashion blogger`s dream location :)

  2. thank you so much for these tips! :D gonna try them all!

    Pudding Monster

  3. great tips!!
    xoxo Sienna

  4. I need to learn more about lenses...I only have one, and I'm not even sure how it would be classified!

    beck daily

  5. Hey! I love your blog, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check it out here : x

  6. Really helpful tips. Great post x

    Ekaete :)

  7. Great tips! You are a Pro! :)

  8. These are some wonderful tips! I follow many of them myself, and a few have definitely saved a shoot or two from turning into a disaster. xx

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