Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Going to Australia & Singapore, any tips?

sydney travel
sydney travel
sydney travel
sydney travel
perth travel

singapore travel
singapore travel
Images source: Tumblr, Pinterest
Super excited to be spending winter holidays in Australia and Singapore. We will be first flying to Perth, then Sydney and then have a few days stopover in Singapore on our way back.
This will be my first time in Australia & Singapore so let me know if you have any tips of things to see, do in any of these places :).
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Monday, 27 October 2014

Central Saint Martins Fashion Design Short Course Review

central saint martins fashion design course review

I took a few months ago an intensive fashion design short course at Central Saint Martins mainly because I wanted to learn more about fashion design but also because I wanted to take a break from work and do something quite different that I`ve always been interested in but never got the chance to pursue.

What to expect:
  • I went for the beginners short course, there is also an advance class if you already have some design knowledge. We were around 8 people in the class which was great as it meant we all got individual attention and feedback. All the tutors were amazingly talented having worked before for brands as Alberta Ferretti, Yohji Yamamoto, Chanel and so on. It was really interesting getting to know these people and learning from them.
  • For the beginners class you start learning on how to run design research, how to refine your research into a collection, basic figure drawing techniques, fabrics introduction, and also an introduction to the business of fashion. It`s quite a lot of information to take in during a very short amount of time and the tutors do encourage you to keep practicing at home.  
Suitable for:
  • Anyone that is interested in potentially doing a degree in fashion and wants to see whether or not they would enjoy this as a life career.
  • Anyone who sees fashion as a hobby and wants to learn a bit more.
  • At £425 for one week, around 6- 7 hours per day the course is definitely not cheap but it does mean you get a more premium experience being in a small class and also learning from some amazing tutors.
  • There is also an extra cost for purchasing your materials such as layout pads, pencils, brushes, although they do advise you on the site to always go with the cheapest option possible.
How do you sign up:
  • On the University of Arts website you can choose from a wide range of short courses during various days of the week and then book your desired course online here. 
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Top 12 things to do to keep you busy on long haul flights

1. Sleep
If you`re one of the lucky ones that can easily sleep during flights then this is definitely the easiest way of passing time. The best sleep I`ve had during a flight was after I got acupuncture and pretty much slept like a baby the whole time.

2. Watch movies/listen to music
Although on most long haul flights in-flight entertainment is offered it`s good to check beforehand the list of movies/shows they have just in case there isn`t anything there that interests you. I always try to download beforehand on my laptop a few movies as well especially if I end up being one of the unlucky ones where the screen is broken and there aren`t any other free seats.

3. Read
For this one you can either go with something really catchy that we`ll make you want to keep turning the page or with something really boring that will make you fall asleep :).
Just finished reading "Girlboss" by the founder of Nasty Gal- Sophia Amoruso and really liked it.

4. Write
This can either be your next blog post or just a to do list.

5. Bring cards/ crosswords/games
If you`re sociable this is a great way of making friends.

6. Eat
Another of my favourites. I eat plane food plus extra food I buy in the airport. Calories don`t count at high altitude...or that`s what I keep telling myself.
things to do on long haul flights
British Airways flight to Las Vegas. I love plane food :)

7. Talk to your neighbour
But be careful of the consequences. You might end up having to talk with someone annoying for 14 straight hours. No place to run or hide.

8. Stretch
9. Think of future projects 
10. Beauty treatments
Skin gets incredibly dehydrated during long flights so I try to drink loads of water, moisturise, continuously spritz Caudalie "Eau de Beaute". When everyone is sleeping you can even put on a good moisture replenishing face mask.

11. Learn something new
A few phrases in local language, knitting, studying, anything that can keep your mind occupied.

12. Get some work done
Especially if you`re travelling for business reasons, long flights can be perfect for getting some work done.
things to do on long haul flights
Or just do a combination of all 12 of them and before you know you`ll be relaxing on a beach somewhere...

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to keep your blog updated while travelling

1. Pre-write and pre-schedule articles before going on a trip
If you want to take a complete break from blogging but in the same time you still want to keep your blog updated for your readers then the best way is to write and schedule a few articles before going on your trip to make sure your visitors are still coming back to your site while you`re away.

2. Use transit time for writing articles
I find flying a great chance for putting together a few articles before my holiday even starts. Makes the time  fly faster and gives me fresh content for the blog. Coaches, trains are also great opportunities for article writing.

3. Pre-plan before your holiday article topics
This ensures that you don`t forget covering anything that you wanted to write about.

4. Reserve time on the day for blogging
If you want to keep blogging while away make sure you reserve specific time of the day for this and don`t plan anything during that time slot. Early mornings right after breakfast is my personal favourite as I`m usually too full to do anything else than sit on the sofa.
how to keep your blog updated while travelling

5. Remember to take pictures
It`s well known by now that articles with strong photography perform much better than articles with only text. I like to always carry in my bag a small camera as you never know what amazing things you`re about to encounter.

6. Keep a notebook/ travel log of impressions
Take short breaks to write down notes either on your phone or notebook of impressions you get from different places you visit so you make sure when you write you don`t forget anything.

7. Take pictures or write down the names of restaurants
If you`ll be writing tips or guides about certain destinations it`s a good practice to either take a picture with your phone or camera of the name of the restaurant or write it down. I tend to always forget restaurant names so this is a life saver for me.
how to keep your blog updated while travelling

8. Remember to enjoy
Lastly but not last, remember to actually take breaks to enjoy travelling. Even if you`re on a press trip, constantly thinking about how your site is doing or what you`re gonna write next can be exhausting and means actually missing out on the atmosphere. Remember to take breaks even if it`s just for drinks, dinner, shopping spree to just enjoy being there.
how to keep your blog updated while travelling

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Today`s Outfit: Making the Transition

transitional clothing
transitional clothing
transitional clothing
transitional clothing
transitional clothing
transitional clothing
(Topshop denim shirt, Zara leopard print skirt, Nelly ankle boots)

Is there anything more beautiful and dreamy than sunny fall days- when the wind slowly starts creeping in and the leaves turn yellow? Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons alongside summer. Unfortunately you only really get a few of these wonderful days till it starts getting cloudy and rainy which makes the sunny days even more special. On such a warm Sunday we headed over to Holland Park near Notting Hill for a walk.
Skirts and shirts are two of my favourite transitional pieces of clothing. I try to buy a lot of skirts that can be also worn with tights and not only bare legs, mainly because in UK you only really get to wear bare legs for like a month so they`re great for taking from warm to cold. The same thing happens with shirts- it`s pretty easy to layer them around. Either wear them as they are or unbutton them and wear them more as a layer over a t-shirt. 
I`m becoming a bit more practical when buying clothing - I guess I`m getting old? so now I actually try to think how wearable a piece of clothing is before purchasing it which didn`t really used to happen before. 
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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Stylish Stockholm Travel Guide

stylish stockholm travel guide

Where to stay in Stockholm:
  • We`ve had a lovely stay at Nobis Hotel which had a wonderful location, right in the centre of the city. You can read my Nobis hotel review here.  
stylish stockholm travel guide

Where to eat in Stockholm:

There`s definitely no shortage of good food in Stockholm. Prices are similar to London however the alcohol is much, much more expensive. Definitely not the place to go for getting wasted.
One interesting concept in Stockholm is that most Michelin star restaurants have a more affordable, relaxed sister restaurant next to it that still has delicious food but a more relaxed atmosphere, often with shared tables.
  • Speceriet serving Nordic cuisine was one of our favourites of the trip 
stylish stockholm travel guide
Beautiful deer at Speceriet
  • Kyptin in the Old Town is a great choice for Swedish classics. I recommend the lovely fish stew.
  • Oaxen Slip for Sunday lunch
  • Restaurant AG for meat lovers
Things to do in Stockholm:
  • Visit the colourful streets of Stockholm`s Old Town 
  • Take a morning stroll through Ostermalmshallen market
  • Go for drinks and dancing in Berns where you`ll find plenty of bars & clubs
  • Do a bit of vintage shopping at in the morning at Hornstullsmarknad and enjoy a snack from the amazing food trucks there
stylish stockholm travel guide
  • For tourist attractions don`t miss Stockholm`s Town Hall, the Nobel Museum, and the Royal Palace
  • Have a relaxing spa day at Centralbadet, Sturebadet spa, or at the extremely cool Japanese spa Hasseludden Yasuragi 
  • Shopping: the shopping in Stockholm is amazing although definitely not cheap. My favourite areas were Norrmalmstorg, and the Sofo area of Sodermalm
  • If you`re staying longer than a weekend take a day trip outside the city to visit some of the other beautiful islands part of Stockholm archipelago
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Belgravia Sushi: Uni Restaurant Review

Uni is a small Peruvian and Japanese fusion restaurant in Victoria. The decor is slightly weird and doesn`t really feel like Peruvian or Japanese, or not even a fusion between the two but the food was good which the most important thing. The menu consists of loads of small dishes and sushi and sashimi sets making it perfect for sharing.
My boyfriend and I shared the sushi set - especially loved the prawn, the butterfish and hamachi. 
uni belgravia
Salmon tacos were one of the highlights of the night. Loved the crunchiness of the tortilla with the salmon.
uni belgravia
Seaweed salad was unexpectedly good considering I don`t usually like seaweed but I really enjoyed this one.
uni belgravia
Yellowtail was very fresh and delicious, a favourite alongside the salmon tacos.
uni belgravia
Prawn tempura was the main low of the night, the batter was a bit too heavy and oily for my taste and didn`t compare with the amazing tempura we`ve had in Japan.
uni belgravia

Uni on Urbanspoon
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Travel in Style: Stockholm Photo Diary

We spent a long weekend in Stockholm and it was everything I was expecting and more. Great atmosphere, food, cool designs and amazing, minimalistic fashion. Definitely hoping to go back at some stage to visit some of the other beautiful islands from the Stockholm archipelago. 
Will be posting a mini guide to the city next week with my favourite restaurants and things to do, till then enjoy the photos :).
stockholm travel guide
Beautiful indoor market with loads of fish, vegetables, and a few restaurants. 
stockholm market
stockholm market
stockholm market
stockholm old town
The old town is full of good restaurants, gift shops, and cute, colourful streets. 
stockholm old town
stockholm old town
stockholm old town
stockholm old town
A cozy restaurant in the Old Town where I had a delicious fish stew.
stockholm old town
stockholm old town
stockholm food
On Sunday morning we headed towards the Hornstulls market and although the market was a bit small there were some delicious food trucks from where we grabbed some fish tacos and ate them next to the water. 
stockholm market
stockholm market
stockholm market

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