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A guide to the best restaurants in Soho

As my office is right outside the Soho area I`m spending a dangerous amount of time eating my way through Soho. This particular area of London is famous for its great restaurants, however there can be some really bad ones as well so trying to figure out which one to pick in an extremely busy, over touristy area, can be daunting. As such I`ve put together a list of my favourites restaurants so far, places where I keep going back to as they`re consistently good and that I truly recommend to all of you to try.

*Continuously adding restaurants to this list as I try new ones so keep an eye on it. The restaurants are in no particular order.

1. Hawksmoor Air Street - Steakhouse
Best for: mind blowing steaks and triple cooked chips.
Price range: ££££ but so worth it

2. Burger & Lobster - American/ Seafood
Best for: making lobsters available to the masses, this restaurant was made for success. Get there early as the queue can get huge. Read my Burger & Lobster review here.
Price range: £££
best restaurants in soho

3. Nopi - Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern small dishes
Best for: a favourite that we keep going back to, especially loving any of the polenta dishes, the radish salad, and the refreshing cocktails. Here you can find my Nopi review.
Price range: ££££
best restaurants in soho

4. Mash - Brasserie/ Steakhouse
Best for: a good steak at a less steep price than Hawksmoor. Oh and the mash is pretty good as well :)
Price range: £££

5. Spuntino - American/ Italian small plates
Best for: fuss free dining with really good food. Especially loved here the fries and salads.
Price range: £££

6. Bocca di Lupo - Italian small plates
Best for: we always return to Bocca di Lupo as it`s the type of restaurant that`s consistently good and never disappoints.
Price range: £££

7. Gelupo - Italian gelato
Best for: for dessert head straight opposite Bocca di Lupo to their gelaterie. Favourite flavour is definitely pistachio.
Price range: £

8. Four Seasons in Chinatown - Chinese
Best for: my boyfriend and I occasionally run here for lunch for their delicious duck.
Price range: ££

9. Bob Bob Ricard - British/ Russian
Best for: Russian dumplings and champagne button, need I say more? Read about my visit to Bob Bob Ricard here.
Price range: ££££
best restaurants in soho

10. Dehesa - Spanish Tapas
Best for: another tapas favourite that I keep returning to with my boyfriend with some amazing charcuterie. Read my full Dehesa restaurant review.
Price range: £££
best restaurants in soho

11. Gauthier Soho - French
Best for: Although more pricey the food here is delicious. I especially loved the truffle risotto, so luxurious and delicious.
Price range: £££££

12. Pitt Cue Co - American Barbecue
Best for: A favourite of my boyfriend, it`s hard to resist the delicious barbecued ribs
Price range: ££

13. Ember Yard - Spanish Tapas
Best for: finger licking small tapas to share with friends. Favourite dish we had was the pork ribs. Read my Ember Yard restaurant review for more.
Price range: £££
best restaurants in soho
14. Quo Vadis - British
Best for: this is where my boyfriend and I had our first date so this place always brings back some lovely memories. That and their amazing desserts that I keep going back for.
Price range: ££££

15. Wright Brothers - Seafood
Best for: If you get here early there`s a pretty good bargain for oysters that are amazing. A local favourite for delicious seafood.
Price range: £££

16. 10 Greek Street - Modern European
Best for: A cute little place with beautiful, fresh cooking. Arrive early as they don`t take reservations. Read my 10 Greek Street review for more.
Price range: £££
best restaurants in soho

17. Copita - Spanish Tapas
Best for: I`m sure by now you have noticed a trend...the 3rd tapas on the list but I absolutely love this type of food that`s made for sharing as I get to try loads of dishes. I also feel that`s easier to get big flavours going in smaller plates than in main courses which is why I love going to places where you can share food.
Price range: £££

18. Ceviche - Peruvian small plates
Best for: Modern Peruvian cuisine is increasingly becoming more popular in London with some really good restaurants around the city. The food as Ceviche is fresh and beautifully cooked. Read my review of Ceviche here.
Price range: £££

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  1. yummy!!!! These dishes look delicious! I wish I was there right now :) Such a great post girl! I'm a foodie at heart <3 . That's one of the great things about tapas, trying many dishes and sharing, I wish the portions are bigger :D
    Have a wonderful week
    - Elsey