Sunday, 19 October 2014

Belgravia Sushi: Uni Restaurant Review

Uni is a small Peruvian and Japanese fusion restaurant in Victoria. The decor is slightly weird and doesn`t really feel like Peruvian or Japanese, or not even a fusion between the two but the food was good which the most important thing. The menu consists of loads of small dishes and sushi and sashimi sets making it perfect for sharing.
My boyfriend and I shared the sushi set - especially loved the prawn, the butterfish and hamachi. 
uni belgravia
Salmon tacos were one of the highlights of the night. Loved the crunchiness of the tortilla with the salmon.
uni belgravia
Seaweed salad was unexpectedly good considering I don`t usually like seaweed but I really enjoyed this one.
uni belgravia
Yellowtail was very fresh and delicious, a favourite alongside the salmon tacos.
uni belgravia
Prawn tempura was the main low of the night, the batter was a bit too heavy and oily for my taste and didn`t compare with the amazing tempura we`ve had in Japan.
uni belgravia

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