Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rivea at the Bulgari Restaurant Review

The Rivea restaurant is located in a beautiful setting inside the luxurious Bulgari Hotel in London. The food is inspired by the French and Italian riviera, all the ingredients are super fresh and the cooking is beautiful. The plates are however very small so if you`re really really hungry I would suggest getting 1 more dish. 
We started off with a sea bass carpaccio with pine nuts which was lovely but kinda missed a bit of spiciness.
rivea restaurant review
I much preferred the marinated anchovies the boy had which were very fresh and light.
rivea restaurant
For the pasta course we had the potato, sage, and parmesan gnocchi which were definitely the best gnocchi I`ve had. So fluffy and light I could have had 3 more plates of this. The crispy parmesan complemented the dish so well. 
rivea london
The boy had the ricotta and aubergine ravioli which was cooked beautifully and went really well with the saltiness of the olives.
rivea london
For mains I had the beef fillet which was yummy. Especially loved the sauce. 
rivea london
We`ve also went for the lobster and artichokes because who doesn`t love lobster?! Very meaty and perfectly cooked, only wish there was more of it!
rivea london
For dessert we went with the tiramisu and although nice it didn`t blow us away like the rest of the dishes. 
rivea london
Overall rating: 15/20
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