Saturday, 25 October 2014

Top 12 things to do to keep you busy on long haul flights

1. Sleep
If you`re one of the lucky ones that can easily sleep during flights then this is definitely the easiest way of passing time. The best sleep I`ve had during a flight was after I got acupuncture and pretty much slept like a baby the whole time.

2. Watch movies/listen to music
Although on most long haul flights in-flight entertainment is offered it`s good to check beforehand the list of movies/shows they have just in case there isn`t anything there that interests you. I always try to download beforehand on my laptop a few movies as well especially if I end up being one of the unlucky ones where the screen is broken and there aren`t any other free seats.

3. Read
For this one you can either go with something really catchy that we`ll make you want to keep turning the page or with something really boring that will make you fall asleep :).
Just finished reading "Girlboss" by the founder of Nasty Gal- Sophia Amoruso and really liked it.

4. Write
This can either be your next blog post or just a to do list.

5. Bring cards/ crosswords/games
If you`re sociable this is a great way of making friends.

6. Eat
Another of my favourites. I eat plane food plus extra food I buy in the airport. Calories don`t count at high altitude...or that`s what I keep telling myself.
things to do on long haul flights
British Airways flight to Las Vegas. I love plane food :)

7. Talk to your neighbour
But be careful of the consequences. You might end up having to talk with someone annoying for 14 straight hours. No place to run or hide.

8. Stretch
9. Think of future projects 
10. Beauty treatments
Skin gets incredibly dehydrated during long flights so I try to drink loads of water, moisturise, continuously spritz Caudalie "Eau de Beaute". When everyone is sleeping you can even put on a good moisture replenishing face mask.

11. Learn something new
A few phrases in local language, knitting, studying, anything that can keep your mind occupied.

12. Get some work done
Especially if you`re travelling for business reasons, long flights can be perfect for getting some work done.
things to do on long haul flights
Or just do a combination of all 12 of them and before you know you`ll be relaxing on a beach somewhere...

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  1. I'm so terrible with keeping myself occupied and steering myself from going insane. It's funny, I can sit at home and watch movies and tv shows for eight hours but once I'm on a plane I feel like running a marathon. xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

    1. hahah, I know exactly what you mean, I`m pretty much the same :)

  2. Haha you're absolutely right. Calories don't count at high altitudes. That made me giggle. :)

  3. I just got back from a trip to The Gili Islands, read #GIRLBOSS on the way there to pass the time :) thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this! It's all so true!
    Another fun thing to do is duty free shopping haha

  5. Big fan of Malcolm! And great list too :)