Monday, 17 November 2014

12 Quick Wins to Instantly Grow Your Blog Traffic

1. Invest in a professional web design
A professional, visually appealing blog design will instantly make your readers keep returning back to your site. It`s so easy nowadays to make your blog look more professional through already made templates for sale at $5 - $25 or by hiring a freelance designer through sites like Fiverr or Odesk. Read my Top things to keep in mind when designing your blog if you`re just starting.
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2. Invest in better photography
Most bloggers will say how much good photography has contributed to their success of their blog. Everyone loves beautiful, clear images and investing in your blog photography can definitely help in getting people to return back to your site.
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3. Invest in a domain name
Investing in a domain is one of the key steps in making your blog look more professional and building your brand. A good name can help your readers remember your site much easier which means they`ll be more likely to return.

4. Comment on other blogs
Commenting on other blogs is a great way of getting other bloggers to discover your blog.

5. Connect with fellow bloggers on social channels
Speaking of connecting with other bloggers, social channels such as Twitter serve as a great platform for building long lasting relationships with other bloggers, sharing tips and why not cross promote each other`s posts.

6. Grow your social channels community
Pick a few social channels you think are the most important for your blog or that you enjoy the most and try to be as active as possible by posting something daily. A good part of bloggers traffic now comes from social channels so it`s very important to build a presence on other channels.

7. Cross promotion
And after building your social channels community a key part is making sure you cross promote your articles on those channels as well as other channels to ensure your blog gets the maximum exposure possible.

8. Make your articles & blog easy to share
Adding social share buttons to your articles and links to your official social channels means your blog and articles can be easily shared by your readers to their friends and family and help bring more new visitors to your site.

9. Sign Up to Bloglovin
Bloglovin` has a huge blogging community. Sign Up to their platform to allow your readers to subscribe to your blog and get new articles in their feed.

10. Use Pinterest to your advantage
Use Pinterest for more than just wasting a few hours browsing to pretty pictures and Pin your blog images and articles to help bring some of the Pinterest community to your site.
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11. Post regularly
Especially if you just started a blog it is important to build up your blog content by posting multiple times a week to offer a reason for visitors to stay on your blog and press the subscribe button. If you`re also in full time work or education try to pre plan and pre write a few articles in weekends or holidays to ensure your have something up on your blog during the week.

12. Write about what people are searching for online
The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding out what people are searching for online and providing your some inspiration for your future blog articles. Writing about a topic that people are interested in can help bring new visitors to your site.

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  1. This was so helpful! Thank you, my blog is only a couple of months old and this has helped al ot!

  2. Thanks for the tips, very useful information!


  3. So many great ideas!
    I am so glad that I already followed some tips that you posted.
    xo, Aichatou