Sunday, 9 November 2014

Michelin Star Indian Cuisine at Amaya London

Amaya is a Michelin Star restaurant in the heart of Belgravia focused of beautiful Indian cuisine. We went here on a Sunday and had an amazing lunch. Getting home was a bit of a blur as we were so full I think I entered this sort of food coma. 
The menu consists of a la carte dishes as well as a variety of weekend lunch set menus comprised of around 7 - 8 dishes to be shared by the whole table. We went with one of this set menus as we wanted to try as many dishes as possible.
We started off with paneer which is a type of Indian cheese- very fluffy and delicious.
The spinach was my favourite especially when you have warm naan next to you that you can just rip and dig in. 
The crispy potatoes were another of my favourites- so aromatic with spices and crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside.
Now I know this kebab is not one of the prettiest dishes but it was quite good although a bit too salty for me.
My favourite meat dish was definitely the chicken which had a lovely smokey flavour and was cooked beautifully.
I wasn`t a massive fan of the fish mainly because I don`t really like coconut on savoury dishes however it looked like it was cooked beautifully.

The last dish of the set menu was the beryani with rose petals yogurt. By that time I was so full I was only able to had a few bites but my boyfriend definitely had at least half of it. 

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  1. Yum! All the dishes look really delicious and amazing. I'd want to try the paneer and the crispy potatoes. :)


    1. thanks Niki, I always have a soft spot for crispy potatoes :))

    2. Me too, it's so good!! Mmm :3 I really admire your blog!

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  3. OMG! This looks so good!

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    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  4. OMG. I love Indian food, and this restaurant looks so delish! Great photos... I wanna have Indian now so bad lol
    Juli xx