Monday, 10 November 2014

Top 10 Benefits of Travelling Alone

A while ago I wrote an article about the Top 10 Benefits of Travelling with a Partner. And as much as I love travelling with my close ones I also fully enjoy travelling solo as I think it`s great for challenging myself. Here are my top 10 reasons why I love solo travel:

1. Easier to plan your trip
As you don`t have to worry if your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend will like the accommodation, the departure date, the airline, it`s much easier to book the trip without stress.

2. You`re in charge of your own schedule while travelling
This is definitely one of my favourites as I always have a huge list of things I want to see and do in a new place and most people find me annoying when I drag them everywhere. It also means that if I wish I can spend the whole day in bed without feeling guilty that maybe my friends will get bored.

3. You can focus on your bucket list
Travelling with friends or groups can also mean sometimes that you don`t get to do the things you`ve been dreaming to do as everyone else can have different tastes or things they want to do which means sometimes missing out on the things you really want to try. Solo travels are perfect for crossing over all those amazing experiences from your bucket list without having to worry about others.
benefits of travelling alone
Phi Phi island snorkelling was one of the most amazing travel experiences I ever had.

4. It`s easier to meet new people
It`s much harder to get to know locals or other travellers when you`re travelling in a big group or with a partner as you tend to focus only on spending time with those people. Generally it`s much easier to meet new people when you`re travelling alone. Just make sure they`re the non creepy ones.
benefits of travelling alone
Copenhagen is full of cute little cafes where you don`t need to feel uncomfortable eating by yourself and can easily meet new people.

5. Easier to build some exciting memories
As you are forced to get out of your comfort zone it also means that you`re more likely to build some amazing new experiences that maybe otherwise you would have gotten the chance to.

6. You learn to become resourceful
Another of my favourites. I`m absolutely terrible with directions and I used to always be terrified going by myself in an unknown place. Travelling alone has definitely helped me become more resourceful, being able to find my way around more easily, rent a flat, figure out public transport and so on.
benefits of travelling alone
The beautiful streets of Kyoto are perfect for getting lost on your own and enjoying the peacefulness of the place.

7. Grow confidence & independence
Kinda tied in with number 6 once you conquer your biggest travel fears then there`s nothing stopping you and you`re the master of your destiny (always wanted to use that line in a sentence yayy!).

8. More time to meditate & find yourself
If you`re looking for a relaxing trip or a trip where you just want to meditate and find yourself then solo travels are perfect for this.

9. An absolute sense of freedom
Freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want without worrying about anyone.

10. No regrets
Taking a chance and getting out of your comfort zone feels more rewarding than regretting not trying.

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  1. There are a lot of benefits of traveling alone and I would love to try it someday. I just think I'd rather travel with a partner. I would like to try going solo though.

    Midwest Darling

  2. Great post. Im travelling with a friend at the moment and often wounder if I would have the gutts to travel alone.
    Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

  3. I'd be far too scared to travel alone only because I'm absolutely terrible with directions and get lost often. But this post made me really want to try travelling alone, maybe one day.

  4. Such a great post! Very inspiring :)

  5. Ooh that photo of you in Phi Phi Island looks so dreamy! I can't wait to travel to Europe alone this upcoming summer.

  6. The best part about traveling alone is that there is no one to get mad at you if things don't go well. If you wander the streets lost for a few hours or get on the wrong bus it only affects you. I use instinct and impulse to travel and that does not suit traveling in large groups.

    This is a wonderful post!