Tuesday, 2 December 2014

14 Wonderful Things to Do in Europe in Winter

1. Skiing
Europe has some amazing skiing locations. You can head to Switzerland for the most luxurious holiday or Austria for cute towns. For a more affordable option head over to Eastern Europe to Romania for great skiing and beautiful scenery.
things to do in europe in winter
Image source: Pinterest

2. Christmas markets
Germany, Belgium and Austria have some amazing Christmas markets full of goodies.
europe christmas markets

3. Visiting a remote white winter destination
Escape the crowds with a trip in an isolated white winter destination such as Sweden, Finland or Iceland.

4. Ballet
Catch one of the classic winter ballet performances such as "The Nutcracker" or "Swan Lake".

5. Ice skating
London has some amazing ice skating locations right in the heart of the city such as at the Somerset House or National History Museum.
ice skating london
Image source: Somerset House
6. Hit up the sales
The post winter holidays sales in Europe are epic. Head over to Harrods in London for the ultimate luxury experience.

7. Cozy afternoon tea
Take a break from shopping to enjoy a classic cozy afternoon tea at Claridge`s or The Connaught in London.

8. Admire Christmas lights
Catch some fantastic Christmas lights in Gothenburg (Sweden) or Vienna (Austria).

9. Spa in the mountains
Switzerland has not only some amazing skiing but also some amazing luxury spas. Hit the slopes in the morning and then pamper yourself in one of their luxurious spas.
vals spa switzerland
Vals Spa in Switzerland
10. Visit Santa
A trip to Lapland is a must for anyone that`s still a child at heart.

11. Catch the Northern Lights
Head over to Norway or Finland for the trip of a lifetime to catch the wonderful Northern Lights.
northern lights norway
Image source: Flickr

12. Thermal bath in Iceland
The ultimate spa experience, a place definitely worth seeing at least once in your life: the thermal baths in Iceland.
iceland blue lagoon tips
Image source: Pinterest

13. Take a city trip
London, Paris, Rome- winter is the perfect time to visit one of these amazing capitals that are usually quite expensive in high season. In winter the prices are much lower so worth visiting.

14. Venice carnival
Take a trip to Venice in February for the fantastic Venice carnival and of course to celebrate Valentine`s Day in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

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  1. Great tips :D I've visited Iceland and those thermal baths were very nice :D I highly recommend visiting that country. If you want to visit Santa, here in Finland is located this Santa theme park. It's in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

    1. Lapland is beautiful, definitely worth seeing for a magical white winter :)

  2. One of my goals is to make it to Europe during the holidays! Everything just looks so magical.
    Skiing (or drinking hot chocolate in a chalet) is on the top of my winter in Europe list!


    1. hot chocolate in a chalet sounds dreamy! definitely adding add to the list :)

  3. Great post!!! I am going to austria soon and will definetly use some of your tips!