Thursday, 18 December 2014

20 Winter Beach Destinations to Escape the Cold

1. Australia
A favourite for everyone Australia is perfect for escaping the cold winters.
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2. Thailand
Another favourite for travellers for winter holidays is Thailand. Affordable prices and beautiful beaches make this country one of the most sought after beach destinations in the world.

3. South Africa
South Africa has the most amazing landscapes, mountains meet beautiful beaches it`s perfect for nature lovers.

4. Bali, Indonesia
Although currently there aren`t any direct flights to Bali from the UK it`s still an wonderful location for experiencing sun, sea and delicious food.
winter beach destinations

5. Bahia, Brazil
Brazil has such an amazing atmosphere perfect for anyone looking for a bit of fun holiday.

6. The Philippines
2015 is the year to visit The Philippines before the mass tourism discovers the wonderfulness of these islands.

7. The Caribbean
With so many options such as Barbados, St Lucia, British Virgin Islands, and Turks and Caicos, the Caribbeans remain a classic choice.
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8. Fuerteventura, Spain
For something closer to Europe, Fuerteventura has beautiful warm weather although the ocean might be a bit cold for a dip.

9. Hawaii
The nature in Hawaii is spectacular and with so many gorgeous islands it`s wonderful for both relaxing and adventure lovers.
where to go in holiday in winter

10. Cyprus
Although almost everywhere in Europe the weather gets quite low in winter, Cyprus is a great option for those wanting to stay closer to home.

11. Los Cabos or Tulum, Mexico
Mexico is another great option for escaping the cold for a bit of sun and some margaritas of course.
mexico winter holiday

12. Cartagena, Colombia
For something a bit more different head to beautiful Cartagena in Colombia.

13. French Polynesia
Secluded islands, white sand, blue water, French Polynesia provides the perfect background for a romantic holiday.

14. Langkawi, Malaysia
Winter is one the best times to visit South East Asia before it gets too hot and humid. Langkawi in Malaysia is another great option alongside Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines.

15. Florida Keys, USA
For the all American holiday head over to Florida Keys in US.

16. Seychelles
Seychelles are a tropical paradise with some amazing spas for a relaxing holiday.
seychelles winter holiday
17. Mancora, Peru
If you`re a surf lover head over to Mancora Peru for some amazing waves.

18. Emerald Coast, Nicaragua
Another a bit more different option but still gorgeous for those wanting to escape the tourists crowds is the Emerald Coast in Nicaragua.

19. Zanzibar
Zanzibar in East Africa looks so gorgeous no further explanation is really needed.
zanzibar beach holiday
20. Madagascar
For nature and adventure lovers, Madagascar is the perfect option.

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  1. I would love to go somewhere hot in our cold months! Australia and Florida are on my top list of yours xx

    1. a bit of sun in winter always feels amazing :)

  2. I've visited Langkawi and Thailand. I think Langkawi is a little bit boring if you'd like to do more than just lie there on the beach :D But for that it's perfect. I'd like to visit South Africa :)