Monday, 15 December 2014

Dim Sum at Pearl Liang

There`s nothing better on a Sunday than a large, delicious dim sum lunch. The boy and I usually go for dim sum at a nearby Royal China but this week we decided to try something different and headed over to Paddington to Pearl Liang. The place was full with families and we were lucky to grab a table. As always we ordered way too much driven by the smells from the nearby tables but I don`t really mind since I find dim sum even better after a few hours :).

Roast pork bun was one of my favourites, the pastry was crispy and the filling absolutely delicious.
pearl liang dim sum
We ordered a combination of Chee cheong fun but my favourite still remains the prawn one.
pearl liang restaurant
Shanghai dumplings were amazing. Once you bite into them you get this lovely warm broth with minced pork.
pearl liang
We eat tripe in soups in Romania quite often so this dish brought back a lot of memories.
pearl liang restaurant review
Baby pak choi unfortunately was a bit of a letdown as it was slightly overcooked.
pearl liang review
Chicken feet were one of the boy`s favourite.
pearl liang london
I have a soft spot for egg tarts and these ones were delicious - sweet, soft filling and crispy, melt in your mouth pastry.
pearl liang egg tarts
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