Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My 2015 Travel Bucket List

1. Skiing in the Alps
Although I`m far from being great at skiing I always have so much fun. As in England it rarely snows and there aren`t really any good skiing locations, I`m looking forward this winter after coming back from Australia to go skiing somewhere nice for a bit of snow, mountains and spa. If you have any good recommendations of destinations let me know.
skiing in the alps
2. Italy tour
The majority of cities, towns, villages I want to visit in Europe are located in Italy so I decided that the best way of seeing all is to do an Italian tour: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Verona, Amalfi Coast, the Italian Riviera, in summer will be an amazing experience.
italy tour amalfi coast
Source: 99traveltips.com
3. South Korea
This has been on my wishlist for so long I finally decided that if it is 1 destination I have to do this year no matter what is South Korea.
Source: Gijj Flickr
4. Berlin, Germany
I`ve been hearing so many great things about this city recently that now has gone high on my bucket list.
berlin travel bucket list
Source: wearecity.de
5. New York, USA
The boy and I initially wanted to go to New York this fall but as we`re gonna have such a long trip in winter we decided to stay closer to home and switched for Stockholm. I`m hoping 2015 will be the year I finally get to experience the amazing vibe of this city.
new york travel bucket list
Source: Tumblr
6. Santorini,  Greece
Santorini is a picture perfect destination. In summer the prices tend to get very high for hotels & flights so the key is booking it from time which I hope I`ll remember :).
santorini 2015 travel

7. Ibiza, Spain
Summer in Ibiza for a bit of sun, sea & fun.
ibiza 2015 travel
Source: Flickr- Oscar Pena Martinez
8. Cornwall, UK
A road trip to Cornwall next summer will be amazing.
cornwall 2015 travel
Source: Ian Lewis Photography Flickr

9. Biarritz, France & San Sebastian, Spain
Hoping to do Biarritz & San Sebastian together as they`re so close to each other. San Sebastian has become such a foodie hotspot that I can`t wait to experience some of the great cooking down there.
san sebastian travel
Source: Trekearth

10. Christmas & New Years Eve in the sun
It has become now a bit of a tradition for the boy and I to try to escape a bit the winter cold during Christmas & New Years by jetting off somewhere with a bit of sun and sea. I`m thinking for 2015 it might be either Vietnam or Philippines.
philippines 2015 travel

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  1. You have literally just listed all the places I'm dying to see! Lovely pictures you picked out too xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

  2. I'd absolutely love to do an Italy tour too!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Italy has so many amazing places and let`s not forget the food mmm :)

  3. Wow, that's an impressive wishlist, I hope you get to tick a lot of them off!

    1. thank you Lisa! hopefully it`s going to be a busy year :)

  4. agree with all of yours! I've visited most of the main cities in Italy but keen on visiting the small villages and doing a road trip. NYC is certainly on my list for next year and Vietnam would be a dream trip. Berlin is awesome

    1. thank you! Vietnam looks like such a dreamy destination :)

  5. These look like such beautiful places to visit! I really hope you will get the chance to fulfill this bucket list and be sure to take plenty of pictures of your journey!


  6. This is truly an incredible list. I have added a few of yours to mine! I also hope to spend a semester in London next year!
    xo Marissa


  7. almost same as my bucket list, only i can already cross out italy tour, it´s like my second home, i´m there pretty often, but what i would like to visit is new york, vietnam, ibiza or philippines(since a lot of my friends are from philippines) :)


  8. Love this post--let me know if you want to talk Italy! I traveled much of Italy this summer and it was fantastic. The western part is just gorgeous, but there are some real underrated gems (Lucca, Formia-Gaeta, and so on) and I've been to Florence four times and have learned so much about its little wonders. The beauty of the northwestern bit of Italy is its proximity to Slovenia and Croatia. My friend and I got a bus from Trieste to Rijeka, a charming diamond in the rough, for around 9 euro! And it was quite the scenic route, too. Really, it's so easy to get around that whole area. The whole country is quite accessible thanks to Trenitalia, which can be annoyingly slow now and then but is really with it in terms of cost and convenience. I'd love to chat about it if you think you're headed over there!

    And I could talk about NYC and the cities of the Northeast for agesssss...

    Again, great post! Love your blog.


    Life In and Out of Boston