Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Travel Recap

2014 has been a great year for travel being able to visit a bit more of Europe as well as accomplish my long desire of visiting Japan and touching for the first on a new exciting continent such as Australia. It will be a hard year to beat but I`m looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. 

A birthday gift from my boyfriend this trip was a lovely romantic getaway filled with food and gelato. Find here my Venice travel guide.
venice canals
I was quite reluctant before visiting as I thought it will be way too touristy but actually proved to be one of our best trips of the year. We went there in spring right before the tourist season, rented a car and stayed in a lovely spa among olive trees and took road trips to secluded beaches, beautiful villages, and mountains. My Mallorca guide is here.
mallorca beaches
Japan: Tokyo & Kyoto
This was the trip the boy and I have probably been looking forward to the most in 2014 as both of us were fascinated with different parts of Japanese culture and the trip did not disappoint. Loved the historic charm of Kyoto and the city buzz of Tokyo. Here you can find my Tokyo travel guide and Kyoto travel guide.
shibuya at night
kyoto old town
Every time I go to Italy there`s at least one pasta dish of the whole trip that completely blows my mind. In this case it was the Sicilian tuna pasta that we`ve had in a very low key local restaurant near the beach that was absolutely delicious. My Sicily travel guide here.
sicily taormina
My only solo trip of this year was amazing and looking forward to taking more solo trips in the years to follow. Copenhagen it`s a great place for solo travellers as it`s so easy to navigate just by walking and very safe. There`s also a huge cafe culture which means you have loads of places where you can eat delicious food comfortably by yourself. You can find here my Copenhagen photo travel diary.
copenhagen nyhavn
Herefordshire, UK
We spent a cozy weekend in Herefordshire and felt great to be in a secluded country house between hills in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal.

Took the boy for his birthday to Stockholm and fell in love with the industrial chic and minimalistic style of the city. More photos from the trip here.
stockholm architecture
Cotswolds, UK
Cotswolds in fall is gorgeous: falling leaves, golden sunlight and crispy air provides the perfect background for exploring the beautiful villages of this area. The lovely manor we stayed in at Ellenborough Park made the trip even more memorable. Read my Cotswolds travel guide.
cotswolds trip
Australia: Perth, Melbourne & Sydney
Spending the winter holidays in such a beautiful place feels amazing and incredibly relaxing. The boy and I will be here till mid January till we go back to freezing London.
perth koala
perth beach
Doing a few days stopover in Singapore on our back from Sydney to London and already looking forward to the shopping and Asian food.

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  1. What an incredible year! I'm particularly jealous of Japan!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. thanks Angie! Japan was definitely one of the highlights of the year :)

  2. WoW you travelled a lot! Nice pictures!

  3. You're so lucky that you've been to all these places! I'd love to visit Tokyo someday, it seems like such a cool place.

    1. thank you Simone! definitely recommend Tokyo, it has an incredible atmosphere :)

  4. Amazing places and all so different! Nothing I love more than travelling and seeing different countries/cultures, got many places I aim to go on my wish list for 2015! Time to see the more of the world :) lovely post.

    1. thanks hun! I`m the same, looove travelling and discovering new places :) xx

  5. Been to Majorca and Australia!
    Going to Portugal in the summer and am so excited! Have you been?

    1. Only been to Madeira in Portugal but hoping to visit Lisbon and Porto :) xx

    2. Just got back from a couple of days in Lisbon- beautiful city with stunning streets and delicious food!
      Love your mix of destinations Alina, I cannot wait to cross Japan off my list :)

    3. beautiful architecture + good food = awesome trip :)
      Japan is so fascinating, definitely recommend it! xx