Sunday, 18 January 2015

Beautiful Simple Cooking at Berta Sydney

We`ve had some really amazing meals while in Australia. The focus is on seasonal, high quality ingredients and simple but delicious cooking which is pretty much my favourite type of cooking. One of the meals that really stood out for us was the dinner we had at Berta in Sydney. All the dishes were cooked perfectly and packed with flavour.
The squash salad was definitely one of my partner`s favourite of the evening. Crunchy and refreshing.
berta sydney
The mushroom arancini which are actually called on the menu "dumplings" for some strange reason were lovely. Both the boy and I love arancini and initially ignored them when we saw them as dumplings as we thought it might be something more Asian inspired but I`m glad we ordered them as they were delicious. Probably one of the best arancini I`ve had so far.
berta sydney restaurant review
Unfortunately I don`t remember what fish was used for this carpaccio but it was beautiful. The only other great carpaccio I`ve had was at Zucca in London and this one was definitely up there giving them a good run for their money. It had the perfect mix of spiciness, sweetness and sourness. 
berta food
Another highlight of the meal (I think you`re noticing a trend here) was the quail which was cooked beautifully with a lovely sauce. I could have this dish everyday and not get bored. 
Unfortunately the dessert was a bit of a letdown. I guess after all these fantastic dishes my expectations were really high for dessert but it`s just felt a bit short as it wasn`t really anything that made it memorable. That being said I would go back to Berta any second for their amazing mains.
berta dessert

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