Saturday, 3 January 2015

Best London Restaurant Finds of 2014

I was looking through my restaurants reviews of 2014 and boy did I eat a lot! There was some really good food and some not so great but nevertheless it was a good "eating out year". Here are 10 of my favourites from this year from London in no particular order.

Zucca was one of the great Bermondsey area discoveries. Beautiful Italian in a casual cool venue. You can read my review of Zucca here.
best london restaurants zucca
This is one of our more recent finds at this restaurant has quickly entered our list of local favourites. My review of Rabbit here.
best london restaurants rabbit
Somkehouse is definitely for the meat lovers. Some great cooking and lovely light desserts. Somekehouse restaurant review.
best london restaurants smokehouse
Favourite badass burger place of the year definitely goes to MeatMarket in Covent Garden. My review here.
best london restaurants meatmarket
Grain store
Located in Kings Cross near Central Saint Martins Grain Store is definitely not lacking in fashion savvy customers. Some really great vegetarian options and a delicious lemon tart. My Grain Store review.
best london restaurants grain store
The Social Eating House
Highlight of the meal was definitely the dessert. Loved this deconstructed lemon tart. Read my review of Social Eating House here.
best london restaurants social eating house
Beautiful Mediterranean food in an impressive interior. The gnocchi were so delicate and yummy. Read my review here.
best london restaurants rivea
Ember Yard
New favourite tapas restaurant of the year goes to the amazing Ember Yard. You can read about my experience here.
best london restaurants ember yard
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
A great dining experience with some beautiful cooking. You can find my thoughts on Dinner by Heston here.
best london restaurants dinner by heston
A different take on traditional Japanese dishes Kurobuta has been a great find of 2014. My review here.
best london restaurants kurobuta

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  1. Aww so great this post - i will do a 2 months stay in London soon and really need to know where to go for dinner :) So thanks for this information :)
    Great blog!

    1. thanks Eugenies! hope you have fun in London! :) xx

  2. oh my god, this looks delicious!!! I'm hungry now, lol.

    1. hahah, I know what you mean, I get hungry every time I go on Pinterest :)

  3. Wow, the food looks amazing! <3 Really good post!


  4. All this restaurants seem so delicious! I'll definitely be checking it out for whenever I go to London (hope it's soon)! With love,

  5. A very "delish" retrospective. :)

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