Sunday, 25 January 2015

Breakfast at the Journeyman in Melbourne

Forget about the BBQs, it`s the amazing breakfasts that shouldn`t be missed when visiting Australia. We`ve had a big, delicious breakfast almost every morning while we were there and it never felt boring and never had the same dish twice. There`s so much variety in options I really wonder how they come up with the ideas. We had a particularly good breakfast while in Melbourne at a cute cafe in the artistic Prahran, which btw I definitely recommend as a great area for finding accommodation in as it feels a bit more local than the business area. The cafe was called Journeyman and it`s a breakfast hotspot for those living in Melbourne. The produce is fresh and the menu is a mix of Moroccan and Australian. 
We started off with some lovely freshly squeezed orange juice, followed by smoked tomato and chilli scrambled eggs with bread, mozzarella and basil which was delicious.
journeyman breakfast
 My partner had the charred greens with poached eggs and some big ass chorizo. A pretty generous plate that even the boy didn`t manage to finish it all and believe me, he tried. Beautiful flavours and cooking although if you`re not that hungry I definitely recommend sharing it between two.
journeyman melbourne breakfast

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  1. This is what I call really a good breakfast :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. That looks DELICIOUS! <3 Never knew much about Moroccan food, but this has got me thinking! Xx

  3. Breakfast is the best meal of the day, this looks delicious!

    1. heheh, I know, I wish I could have such a big hearty breakfast every morning :)