Sunday, 1 February 2015

Best Greek Food in Perth at Brika

I love Greek food, the lightness, freshness and simplicity of cooking that brings out the natural flavours of the ingredients make this cuisine a winner in my heart. Plus Greek salads are a staple in Romania in summer with pretty much any meal so my expectations are always really high when I order one out. Funny enough I haven`t found a great Greek restaurant in London but I have found a pretty amazing one while travelling in Australia, in Perth. Maybe it`s the hot weather, the same focus of Australians on fresh produce but Greek food it`s just done very well there. And if you`re in Perth I definitely recommend you check out Brika and try the lamb cutlets and the grilled sardines, trust me, you won`t regret it!
brika perth
The Greek salad also got an A+ from me. Very fresh and the tomatoes were lovely.
best greek food perth
 The grilled chicken was amazing and beautifully cooked.
brika grills
 The lamb cutlets! We were literally fighting over the third piece.  
brika restaurant
 Beautiful fresh, grilled sardines, one of the boy`s favourites.
brika restaurant review
After all those amazing dishes we thought there`s no way the dessert can match up but it was delicious! We shared the Loukoumades which are basically small doughnuts covered with honey, walnuts and cinnamon - yum! I need to try making this at home at some stage.
brika dessert

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  1. Beautiful pics! All of this looks AMAZING, so gonna try this if I'm ever in Perth! (Never actually tried Greek food, like ever, oops!) Thanks for sharing. Xxoxoxo

  2. That looks delicious! I also love greek food. One of my favourites. X

  3. Hey!

    Looks delicious! :) Take care xx

  4. This post is making me hungry, everything looks delicious!

  5. Totally craving Greek or Cretan food no

  6. This looks delicious!