Monday, 16 February 2015

Four Seasons Sydney Hotel Review

During our stop in Sydney we stayed at the luxurious Four Seasons located right in front of the Sydney Opera House which was a great view to wake up to. Overall I have mixed reviews about my experience because although it was ok I found this particular Four Seasons hotel much weaker than the others I`ve stayed in. I think what let it down in particular was the customer service which I thought wasn`t very consistent in terms of quality. However there are some really good points as well such as the convenient location especially if you`re on a business trip, the breakfast, and the availability of an outdoor pool which not many Sydney hotels have.
four seasons sydney
1. The Room
We shared the double room which was small - medium in size although with a very huge bed. It`s probably hard to tell from the picture below but I could stretch horizontally and still fit quite comfortably. There was also free wifi in the rooms which seems to be quite a novelty in Australian hotels. The two main issues we had with the room was the shower and the fact that they charged $10 AUD per bottle of water which was a bit ridiculous. It was literally cheaper to drink wine.
four seasons sydney hotel review
four seasons sydney review
four seasons sydney room
four seasons sydney bathroom
2. The breakfast & other dining options
Lovely breakfast with a good variety and good quality. We haven`t tried the other options however I`ve heard good review of Pei Modern, the in house restaurant.

3. The pool & spa
The hotel has an outdoor pool which was great as very few hotels in Sydney seem to have one. It`s more on the small size though so it`s not really fit for swimming but more for a dip. The hotel also had a spa which was ok but more on the small size. 
four seasons sydney pool

4. The service
As mentioned earlier, service was probably the biggest letdown for me. We tried asking the concierge just some simple questions like what time does the spa close or directions to key attractions and on both occasions we found out they gave us wrong answers. Overall there seemed to be a lack of consistency in quality of service which was a bit disappointing as the service is one of the main things that makes these type of luxury chain hotels so attractive for frequent travellers as they know what to expect. 

5. Location
Very well connected location with the bus, ferry, and train stops just 2 mins walk. The hotel is located in the business district which although means you get some amazing views of the Opera House, it also means if you want more of a local feel of the city you need to get out of that zone. I must say that if I was to go back to Sydney I would probably pick somewhere more close to maybe Surry Hills or Bondi Beach as I thought they had such a great variety of things to do and more of a chilled out atmosphere.

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  1. Wow beautfiul hotel, thanks for sharing :) Sydney is definitely on my bucket list

    1. thank you Lyana! Sydney is a great city to visit :)

  2. I understand the mixed reviews but the view itself is priceless! Great insight!! X Josune, Your Beauty Script

    1. thank you :), the view made everything worth it

  3. What a great view! I'm sorry to hear about the service though!

    1. I know, with such an amazing view you would hope the rest is just as amazing :)

  4. I totally agree with you, I stayed here too and I thought it was in dire need of a refurb, our room was tiny and the bathroom like a cupboard. I love Four Seasons Hotels and I was surprised with this one.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London