Sunday, 22 February 2015

Gymkhana London Restaurant Review

At the top of my 2015 restaurant wishlist was Indian and Pakistani inspired restaurant Gymkhana that just recently won its first Michelin star. The venue is very colonial Indian inspired with dim lights and dark coloured furniture making it perfect for a romantic date night. Overall the food & drinks were lovely and I`m definitely looking to go back and try one of their curries as well.
We started off with the potato chat and chickpeas which was amazing to have with naan although definitely more than just a snack as the plate was quite big and very filling. 
gymkhana potato chat
gymkhana london
The grilled prawns were my favourites of the night. Full of flavours and smokiness from the grill, they were fantastic. They were really spicy though so the moment I had the first bite my face went all red hahah. I must have drank like a full jug of water while eating these :).
gymkhana review
The wild muntjac biryani was delicious although quite filling due to all the rice so we didn`t manage to finish it all but it will definitely be a great dish to order if you come with a few friends so you can share.
gymkhana biryani
gymkhana restaurant review
The dessert was very interesting - a chocolate filled samosa with ice cream and burfi. The samosa went really well with the ice cream but didn`t really see the point of the burfi. Still a nice way to end a great meal.
gymkhana chocolate samosa

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  1. All look so delicious! Specially the last one!

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  2. I'm always on the lookout for good Indians in London because I think it can be a bit hit and miss, especially the "high end" ones because they can try a bit too hard. This looks like a good balance! Was it very expensive?