Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Off The Shoulder Beach Dress

off the shoulder dress
off the shoulder beach dress
red beach dress
beach dress
red boho dress
boho beach dress
While the weather is reaching freezing temperatures in London here`s an outfit from a very sunny and warm Sydney. We took these photos right after we came back from Bondi Beach hence the flip flops and the salty hair and boy do I miss those days! Sydney is probably one of the most beautiful cities I`ve been to and it`s hard not to fall in love with it. It`s the perfect mix between a city vibe with loads going on and the beachy, surfing lifestyle near the ocean. I don`t think I ever wore flip flops out in London but the lifestyle is more casual in Sydney which kinda showed in the way I started dressing while I was there. I think if I was to stay there I would definitely become a hippie :).
Dress: Glamorous
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  1. This is an awesome dress! Kind of sensing the hippie vibe, but loving the colour!

    Thoughts in Tiffany Blue

  2. This is such a cute dress - I love it!

  3. Beautiful dress for spring and summer, love the colour!

    1. thank you! It will be hard now having to wait till summer to be able to wear it again :))

  4. I just recently found your blog. Love the off the shoulder red dress! Would make the perfect ideal vacationing dress!


  5. esti frumoasa,iti sta super in aceasta rochie

  6. Your bright red off the shoulder Glamorous dress is beautiful!

  7. you look so good in red.
    and the dress is really fantastic.

  8. I love this dress its very bright colour and very casual with such a great background. :)