Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Perth Travel Photo Diary

It took me ages to start going through the photos from Australia mainly because I took thousands of them, but here is the first set of photos from Perth where we spent our first two weeks in Australia. My boyfriend is originally from Perth so it was great having an insider guide to the city. Perth is a beautiful place with gorgeous beaches, amazing weather, palm trees everywhere, and a laid back atmosphere. There are a lot of families living there and it`s easy to see why as it feels like the perfect place to raise kids in. 
Our time there involved a lot of eating (delicious breakfasts!), beach time, checking out the koalas (my favourites!), afternoon naps, and more eating. Leaving Perth was pretty hard as we got into this very relaxed, beachy mode that I haven`t felt in years.
perth beach
perth city
perth beaches
perth zoo
perth koala
perth koala zoo
cottlesoe beach
perth toast
fremantle bar
fremantle restaurant
fremantle nightlife
fremantle shops
perth kangaroo
perth zoo kangaroo
perth cocktail
bib and tucker breakfast
best perth beach

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  1. Wow sooo nice pics


  2. That place seems very laid back, I'd love it there!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, they make me really miss Australia! The beaches look incredible and the koalas and kangaroos are adorable x

  4. My brother lives in Perth and I haven't seen him in 5 years (darn planes tickets being so expensive!) so thanks for sharing this! I'm hoping this is the year I make it to Perth :)

  5. These pictures look beautiful, such a lovely place! I really need to travel to Australia, it is definitely near the top of my travel list! Even more so after seeing this post! :)

    Life As Lissy

  6. Oh my god.. I've never seen a white kangaroo before! So cute!

  7. Ohh Australia looks so nice I wanna go there so badly <3


  8. Looks like you had a great time, so glad you loved my city! x