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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sydney & Melbourne Travel Photo Diary

After two very relaxed weeks in Perth we headed over to Melbourne for a few days and then Sydney. Both are two fantastic cities but still quite different. Sydney is a beautiful city with palm trees everywhere and has more of a beachy lifestyle with wonderful weather all around. Melbourne is very European inspired, cool street art, and the weather resembles more to the one in London. It`s quite funny as the people I met in Melbourne say Melbourne is cooler than Sydney and the people I met in Sydney say Sydney is way better than Melbourne. Definitely a bit of a competition between the two which was quite amusing. 
sydney cbd
sydney bridgesydney opera house
sydney boat ride
sydney shopping
sydney william st
sydney cat
sydney cute streets
sydney opera house at night
sydney bridge at night
sydney travel photo diary
sydney travel diary
bondi beach
bondi beach view
sydney shopping area
sydney flowers
sydney street art
sydney manly beach

melbourne shopping
melbourne street art
melbourne streets
melbourne boutiques
melbourne trams
melbourne travel photo diary
melbourne travel diary
melbourne photo diary
melbourne shopping

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  1. Your photos are AMAZING I would do anything to be in Australia right now!!

    1. thank you Alyshia! Australia is definitely a great place to escape winter :)

  2. Oh! I'll be going to Sydney and Melbourne soon and you have just made me so nervous about it. Beautiful photos, I hope you had a lot of fun there! With love,

    1. thank you Vera! you`ll have a blast there! :)

  3. Fantastic photos, I miss Australia so much!!
    Haha I think within every country there are rival cities who think theirs is the best! Here in Canada it's Toronto vs Montreal vs Vancouver.

  4. The Photo Diary is so amazing and it looks so beautiful :)

  5. You have a great eye for photography! That cat is adorable btw :) x Josune, Your Beauty Script

  6. Bellissime foto! Xx