Monday, 9 March 2015

10 Reasons To Get Off The Beaten Track When Travelling

Although some attractions are worth the queues and tourists, getting off the beaten track can be great in terms of building unique memories, get more for your buck, and finding hidden gems. It`s not always easy getting out of your comfort zone and I must say, even I struggle with it sometimes, but when I do it`s always so worth it.

1. Less tourists
Whenever I`m travelling I`m trying to stay away as much as possible from other tourists as even though I`m a tourist myself it always feels like it`s taking away from the local charm. I love walking down the streets and listening to local language and getting on with their daily life rather than next to a group of tourists furiously trying to photograph everything.

2. Locals way of life
Kinda related to number 1, staying away from the main tourist attractions allows you to see the locals daily life, local traditions, gestures, local food. Sitting in a cafe and people watching (in a non stalking way of course) is probably one of the best ways to learn about local life.
get off the beaten track
People watching at a local food market in Copenhagen

3. Build unique memories
Everyone has stories about the main tourist attractions but only a few people have stories about the lesser known local gems which are the ones that truly stay in your mind.

4. Get out of your comfort zone
Wonderful things happen when you allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone and be spontaneous.

5. Get more bang for your buck
Touristy areas are often overpriced for what you get. I do a lot of research before leaving for holidays to find the locals favourite cafes, restaurants, shops for amazing finds without feeling like I`m getting scammed because I`m a tourist.
get off the beaten track tips
An amazing spot for breakfast in Sydney near Manly beach with great coffee and food

6. Meet locals
Getting off the beaten track is always great for meeting locals and even making new friends. Especially if you`re a solo traveller it can get quite lonely so meeting locals is always a great way of not feeling homesick.

7. Find hidden gems that other tourists haven`t found
All the best restaurants, shopping, views, nature spots are always hidden from the main tourist areas.
how to find local gems
Lovely seafood restaurant in Mallorca situated right on a small secluded bay

8. Less stress & more privacy
Busy areas can be extremely stressful and also it means you rarely get a moment to relax and enjoy the moment. Although Louvre is an amazing museum it`s really not your typical gallery where you can peacefully walk and enjoy the art as it`s always full of tourist groups from all over the world.

9. Sometimes much safer than dangerous
Sometimes getting away from the main busy touristy areas is much safer than getting off the beaten path. It`s widely known by now that a lot of pickpocketers, scammers, stay in the busy tourist attractions which means you always need to be extremely alert and watch your belongings. Although in certain destinations getting off the beaten path it`s not recommended especially if you`re a female solo traveller, always do research beforehand on the safety of the destination you`re going and avoid areas that have high crime rate.

10. Learn
Learn local language (even it`s just a few words), customs, local recipes, getting off the beaten track I find it`s always extremely inspirational and insightful.

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  1. Number 1 though! It's SO me! No one else seems to understand this though. I think the point of traveling is to experience the area, not just as a tourist but as a local. It's such a different way of spending our time! 6 and 8 are things I always try to do too :)


    1. heheh, I know I love finding hidden gems where there are no tourists around :)

  2. Some of the best adventures i've had are from getting lost and finding new areas that no tourists had polluted!

    1. so true, I`m lucky I`m really bad with directions so I often get lost anyway hahah :) xx

  3. I agree! Your trip will also probably cost less if you stay away from tourist traps! I employed that strategy all through out Europe, mostly for food and lodging!

    1. so true, food in main touristy areas is always so overpriced and of poor quality. xx

  4. It totally agree with this post. My favorite memory from my month in Vietnam was reaching out to a local girl on and staying with her and her family in a little village off the tourist track. Her mom taught me how to cook traditional dishes (without speaking any English) and I slept on the floor like I was one of the fam! Memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for posting!

    1. that`s amazing! I love Vietnamese food so I`m jealous :) xx

  5. Love these keys you provided! I have always said I wanted to explore beyond he touristy things when abroad. Thanks!