Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sir Charles Napier: Michelin Star Lunch in Oxfordshire

The boy and I wanted to escape the craziness of London for a change so we decided to head for Sunday lunch somewhere in the beautiful English countryside. Sir Charles Napier is a very cozy, and yes a bit posh, gastropub in a beautiful area of Oxfordshire surrounded by green hills with only a few houses around. The only way to get there is by following a very narrow road by car but once you get there it`s definitely worth the drive and the views are amazing.
The food was lovely although the portions were quite small and definitely more on the pricey side even for a one Michelin Star restaurant. I recommend going for all 3 courses otherwise you probably won`t feel full by the end of the meal.
We started off with rabbit ravioli which was beautiful and one of the best raviolis I`ve had. Very delicate with beautiful flavours, I could have had 5 more of these. A must to try if you`re going there!
sir charles napier review
Onto the mains, the boy had the chicken which was very tender and beautifully cooked. We were pleasantly surprised by this as ordering chicken in a restaurant can sometimes be a bit disappointing.
sir charles napier restaurant review
My main was fish with morels,  artichokes, and white beans. All the ingredients complemented each other really well and I pretty much cleaned the plate in 2 minutes. :)
sir charles napier restaurant
The desserts were my favourites of the whole meal, really one of the best desserts I`ve had since coming back from Australia. We got two of them to share: banana parfait with pecan praline, rum and raisins (out of this world delicious!), and the salted caramel with chocolate and peanut terrine which was beautiful as well. It took me a lot of control to wait to take pictures before diving right into them.
sir charles napier dessert
michelin star restaurant oxfordshire
If you`re looking for a gourmet getaway not too far from London I definitely recommend you give a try to this wonderful pub.

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  1. This looks ahh-mazing! I want to try that ravioli!
    Check out my new post?


    1. thank you! Ravioli was lovely, definitely worth trying :)