Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Boho Playsuit

A few outfit photos that we took on the beautiful streets of Florence. This playsuit is one of the comfiest things I own and I love the boho details with the flare sleeves and drawstring neckline. The only downside with playsuits is when you have to go to the toilet and you realise you have to get half naked :). The things we have to do for fashion. Can`t wait for summer to come to actually be able to wear this without tights and boots.
On another note, I`m heading over to Berlin this weekend for Easter! If you have any travel tips of things to do & see let me know. This will be my first time in Berlin so I`m keen to explore as much as possible even though it looks like it`s going to be freezing cold.
Playsuit: Mango
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  1. This is so cute! Love the playsuit, and your photos are beautiful! You couldn't be more right about the getting half naked bit, such a pain!

    Chloe x

    1. hahah, thanks Chloe! the worst would be to have to go to the toilet and your zipper getting stucked :)

  2. Love the drawstring neckline - so pretty! I went to Berlin last year and absolutely loved it, such a cultural city! I popped a couple of posts about it on my blog if you wanna have a read :) xx


    1. awesome, thank you! I`ll definitely have a look :)

  3. That plays it is so pretty you look beautiful! ! I hate that about playsuits too. so true. :)

  4. Love the setting for these photos, great look. Have a nice trip!


  5. Cute outfit! I love the scenery, so gorgeous! :)

    Bridget xx


  6. Love this! The pictures are beautiful as well!

  7. I like the setting of you photos, very nice.
    And I can't help but agree with the downside of the playsuit, ha-ha!
    This week I wore an overall to work, with a blazer, so in fact it looked like pants and a blazer, and the overall upper details haven't necessarily been visible under the blazer. The reason why I wore the blazer and didn't remove it during the day is that the overall is backless, so I needed to make sure it was an appropriate attire for the office. And of course, I had to go through exactly the same thing when I used the washroom. :)))
    Enjoy your trip to Berlin!
    Xoxo, Victoria