Sunday, 15 March 2015

Traditional Japanese Pub in London: Kirazu

Kirazu has officially now become my favourite Japanese restaurant in London. Located in Soho, the venue is very small with just a few seats at the counter and window and one communal table. It`s very easy to miss it as it`s so tiny but if you do find it you`ll feel like you just discovered one of London`s great foodie secrets. The concept of the restaurant is very different from the flashy Japanese restaurants that tend to dominate London and the menu specialises in Japanese small dishes which reminded me so much of the pubs I`ve seen in Tokyo that get filled after work hours with Japanese business men eating, drinking and smoking. The staff doesn`t speak much English, the prices are affordable and the cooking has a homely feel all of which take me back to the great foodie experiences I`ve had in Japan. My only fear is that this concept might be a few years too early for London and that people aren`t really used to this style of Japanese cooking, but I really hope this place will stay strong and not close down.
kirazu london
We started off with some beautiful sashimi and sushi. Everything was of very good quality and very reasonably priced.
kirazu food
kirazu sushi
The aubergine miso is one of my favourite dishes to order and this one didn`t disappoint. 
kirazu restaurant
The jellyfish salad is a must if you ever go here. We order this every time we go to Kirazu.
kirazu restaurant review
Another of my favourites: octopus balls. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, really lovely.
kirazu review
We finished off with some cold soba noodles with prawn tempura. Really enjoyed the tempura as it wasn`t too heavy.
best japanese restaurant in London
Japanese restaurant in London
What`s your favourite Japanese restaurant?

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  1. I have never gone to a Japanese restaurant but the food looks really tempting :)

    Sarah | Sarahanne14

  2. the food looks amazing! My favorite Japanese food restaurant is Takigawa in Jakarta :) super great food there!

    Pudding Monster

  3. I'm mad about Japanese food! When I'm in London that's the place I will go!