Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Spanish Tapas Bar in Perth: Duende

There are quite a few tapas bars in Perth but Duende was the one most recommended to us by locals to try. It`s the perfect place to chill out with friends after a long day at the beach and have a lovely dinner. Australia has some amazing produce especially in terms of seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits and what we found wherever we ate is that the cooking always tries to respect the natural flavours and quality of the produce without overpowering it with complex cooking techniques.

The barramundi fillet with beetroot, orange, onion and olives was beautifully cooked and very refreshing on a hot night.
duende perth
Chargrilled squid with chorizo and fennel salad was one of the table favourites. Squid + chorizo = winning combination.
duende restaurant
 The chicken unfortunately was my least favourite though as I found it a bit too dry.
duende restaurant review
 Prawn & chorizo paella ball is one of the restaurants signature dishes and when looking around almost everyone had at least one on their table. It was actually really good so definitely worth trying.
duende review
 Lamb rump with smoked eggplant puree was lovely. I love anything with eggplant and the lamb went really well with the puree.
duende perth review
For dessert we had a somewhat deconstructed meringue lemon tart. There were quite a few bits going around and overall everything went well together except the strawberry chips which were a bit hard to chew and didn`t really add anything to the dish.
best tapas in perth

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