Thursday, 16 April 2015

Top 13 ways to get traffic to old posts

1. Search optimisation
Ensuring your articles are search optimised by having the right title and not something really vague like a song title, adding tags to your blog posts, interlinking from your other blog posts and using the right keywords, ensuring your photos are tagged, all these key elements can help your articles getting found on search engines. Although it can sound complicated Moz has a great beginners guide to SEO that you can find here.

2. Article roundups
Roundup articles of your previous blog posts like "Favourite luxury hotels of 2014" or "Your most loved blog posts of TPC in 2014" can be a great way of getting some new traffic to your old posts as well as giving you new content to work it.

how to get traffic to old posts

3. Linkwithin plugin
Linkwithin widget allows you to show related articles below your blog post.

4. Interlinking  
When writing new articles try to think whether there is anything in there that you can naturally link to one of your previous articles. For example if you`re revisiting a restaurant you produced a review before then you can naturally link to your previous article from your new blog post.

5. Get someone to mention you
Building relationships with other fellow bloggers can be a great way of promoting each other`s articles on social channels.

6. Repost on social channels
From time to time you can always repost articles that your readers have found interesting on your social channels such as on Facebook or Twitter.
increase blog traffic tips

7. Link to old blog posts in guest post articles
Collaborating with fellow bloggers or webmasters you have a good relationship with on articles can be a good way of linking to old blog posts naturally.

8. Have a popular section on the sidebar
A popular section on the sidebar can be an easy way of getting traffic to your most popular articles.

9. Check Google Analytics for popular articles and repurpose them into new articles
Your analytics can be a gold mine in terms of providing you with new topics that you can link to previous articles.

10. Use Pinterest
Pinterest is one of the best channels for getting traffic to your site. Make sure you pin your articles on a constant basis and add in the right tags to help increase the chances of your content getting found.
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11. Use Stumble Upon, Reddit
Stumble Upon, Reddit can work especially well for more in depth articles and it only takes 2 minutes to use.

12. Enable email subscription
Quick win to keep your readers engaged on a constant basis.

13. Do a survey about your blog
Mini surveys such as "What has been your favourite travel blog post", "favourite outfit post", can a good way to re-showcase your best articles.

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  2. Really awesome tips! I've been thinking of doing a round-up as well. Thanks for sharing xx


  3. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  4. Thanks for sharing. There's SO much to consider when blogging--so much social media! lol. It's so hard to stay on top of everything, especially with a full-time job.