Thursday, 9 April 2015

Top 15 Foodie Destinations

I love experiencing a destination`s culture through its food. From cheap as sticks but delicious street food to Michelin star dinners, these 15 destinations have something for everyone.

1. Tokyo, Japan
I love how the food venues in Japan specialise in just 1 dish. You`ll have a place for yakitori, one for sushi, one for ramen, and so on. This means that each of these places strive to perfect their dish. Although not cheap, Tokyo`s food is amazing, from street food to Michelin restaurants. You can read more about my Japan food guide.
2. Rome, Italy
I love Italian food so Rome had to be somewhere at the top of my list: pasta, pizza, tiramisu, many delicious dishes to choose from.

3. Paris, France
There`s nothing new here, Paris has some great fine dining restaurants perfect if you want to impress someone. For French "street food" try one of their delicious rotisserie chickens. My boyfriend and I got one from a market in Montmartre and devoured it in like 5 mins. Not sorry at all. And of course let`s not forget the amazing French patisserie!
4. New York, USA
Similar to London, New York is a great place if you want to experience different cuisines.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnam has some amazing and very cheap food overall but Ho Chi Minh City has a bit now of a foodie heaven.

6. Melbourne, Australia
The produce in Australia is very fresh and of very high quality and the chefs here enjoy simple cooking that preserves that high quality of ingredients. When in Australia breakfast is a must!
7. Copenhagen, Denmark
Holding the best restaurant in the world "Noma", Copenhagen is definitely a place for serious foodies with deep pockets. For something more affordable try the famous Danish hot dog from one of the local vendors. I had like two per day while I was there.
8. London, UK
A great place for food diversity, London`s food scene keeps getting better and better. And I`m not just saying that cause I live here :).  For more restaurant recommendations check out my restaurants blog section.
9. San Sebastian, Spain
Quite a small city but very focused on high quality food, San Sebastian is a definitely a hidden food gem.

10. Mexico City, Mexico
I love Mexican food: tacos, quesadillas, Margaritas, enchiladas. Mexico is one of the top countries on my travel wishlist.

11. Penang, Malaysia
Heaven for street food lovers, Penang has a great mix of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian food.

12. Tel Aviv, Israel
I have a few friends in Tel Aviv that always tell me how amazing the food is there. The food combines ingredients from Middle East with European cooking techniques.

13. Istanbul, Turkey
What makes Istanbul`s food so unique is the diversity of influences from different cultures. It`s unique position between Europe and Asia means you get the best of both worlds.

14. Hong Kong
Hong Kong was my first destination in Asia and I still hold some very fond memories of that place. One of the main things I love about Hong Kong is the delicious dim sum.
15. Chengdu, China
With the highest density of restaurants and teahouses in the world Chengdu is a foodie dream destination. The region`s cuisine specialises in Sichuan cuisine which is famously spicy.

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  1. The food in Rome absolutely beats anywhere else in the world for me! So so amazing! Paris isn't bad as well, although with a very different taste. <3 Awesome list!


  2. I've been to Florence, all of Tuscany, and Venice. The food in Southern Tuscany is amazing!

  3. I definitely agree with this list, but personally think Shanghai is more of a foodie destination than Hong Kong ;) I was also really impressed with the food scene in Singapore!!

  4. Yes!!! I would also add Taipei, Taiwan to the list. xoxo