Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Best business travel hotel in Berlin: Waldorf Astoria

While in Berlin we decided to stay at the Waldorf Astoria, a 5 stars hotel located close to the Zoo, in the West side of the city. The hotel is perfect for business travellers but probably not the best choice for leisure travellers as there are a lot of extra costs such as wifi, spa usage, and a quite expensive breakfast.

1. The room
The room was quite large for a double room with all the necessary amenities for a great stay. I especially loved the shower and the comfy bed. The big downside for me however was having to pay for wifi which I thought was a bit exaggerated for a 5 stars hotel.
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2. The breakfast & other dining options
Breakfast is of very good quality and with a wide range of options, however it`s definitely more on the pricey side at around 36 euros per person. The ambiance is lovely and the staff were very attentive. There is also a slightly cheaper cafe option downstairs but I would recommend also trying one of the amazing cafes around the city which are of great value.
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3. Spa & fitness facilities
The Guerlain spa is beautiful and even though it`s not free to use for hotel residents it`s quite affordable at around 15 euros per person per day. The highlight for us was the steam room and the bucket of ice available as soon as you came out which was amazing.

4. Service
The service is very professional and attentive however it`s more of a business environment so not particularly "warm".

5. Location
Great, central location with the train station right at your doorsteps. Around 15 mins away from most key attractions. The downside however is that there aren`t many restaurant options within walking distance so you`re always relying on taxis or public transport to get around.

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