Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Best sources for blog posts inspiration

1. Pinterest
Pinterest can be a great way of finding inspiration for your next blog post in a visual and fun way especially around topics of food, fashion, crafts & DIY, and travel.

2. Bloglovin
Bloglovin is one of my favourites for finding inspiration as you can easily go through the most popular content of a certain blog niche such as home decor and see what other people have loved reading from other blogs and can give me ideas of new topics.
best sources for blog posts inspiration
3. StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon and similar content discovery platforms can provide some good content ideas although sometimes you might need to dig through a lot of junk to get to the good ones.

4. Topinspired.com
As the name suggests, topinspired can be a good inspiration for "top" type of articles especially around the areas of food, home, travel, style.
blog posts inspiration sources
5. Other blogs
Reading other blogs on a regular basis can be a great way of finding new content ideas for your next outfit post, recipe, or tips.

6. Magazines
I love looking through magazines for ideas especially through print ones. When I fly I tend to buy a mix from the traditional women`s magazines to the more quirky, artistic ones.

7. Readers survey
What better way of coming up with new blog posts than running a short Q&A to find out what type of posts do your readers enjoy the most or that they feel is missing from your blog.

8. Social media
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram can be great for photography or topics inspiration.

9. Google news, trends, alerts
Setting up alerts around keywords that you`re interested means that you can be reactive with your content before everyone else starts posting.

10. Wikihow
Good "how to" type of articles always tend to do well in terms of visits and engagement and Wikihow can be a great source of inspiration for topics.
where to find inspiration for blog posts
11. Brainstorming
Blogging can be sometimes a lonely job and after a while it can be difficult for anyone to keep coming with new, creative ideas. If you can try to have a brainstorming session with a friend, boyfriend for new ideas.

12. Analytics
Your site analytics can be a gold mine for inspiration of new topics by looking of what previous type of articles have been successful with your readers.

13. Keyword planner
The Google keyword planner is a very useful tool for finding out what people are searching for. Avoid too general topics though as most likely there are already a lot of articles around that and look for more specific searches.
blogging inspiration sources
14. Offline networking, conferences, exhibitions
Networking events, conferences, exhibitions can be a good way of disconnecting from your computer and finding inspiration from events and people around you.

15. Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo and similar sites that show you what content is the most popular online around certain topics/keywords can be great for finding out what other people find interesting.

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  1. Great post, I hadnt heard of 3 and 4 so will be checking them out as I really want to progress more and get some good ideas.

  2. Great post! I haven't heard of a few of these so I'll definitely check them out! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, Liz