Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dining with the business crowd at Coya London

Situated in Green Park, Coya is very popular with the business crowd. The dishes are more on the pricey side for a la carte but well executed. I would recommend going there for lunch as they do a lunch set menu which is a bargain. 
We started off with yellowtail with green chilli and radish which was delicious and one of my favourite dishes of the night. The fish was of very good quality and the sauce very delicate.
coya london
Chicken tacos were ok however I`m more of a fish tacos fan myself but unfortunately they didn`t have them on the menu.
coya london restaurant review
They also do a range of marinated skewers on the grill which are great, who can refuse a bit of BBQ? We went for the grilled prawns which were finger licking delicious.
coya restaurant review
The chicken wings were also amazing and by this point we pretty much forgot we had forks and knife and we were going for it with our hands.
coya london review
The pork ribs are one of their most popular dishes and pretty much everyone around us had a plate. Although they were nice I thought they were a bit too dry and needed a bit more sauce. That`s what pork ribs are all about after all! :)
coya pork ribs
The grilled octopus was lovely and quite light.
coya food
For dessert I got the caramelised banana with rum which was lovely. I really loved that they had a relatively large list of desserts as I love ending the meal on a sweet note.
coya dessert

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  1. I went here the other day. Food is great!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    1. oh awesome! I definitely see myself going back there again :)

  2. That food looks so good!! :)