Thursday, 28 May 2015

Michelin star lunch in Berlin at Pauly Saal

During our stay in Berlin we decided to have 1 last big bang meal before we left so we headed over to Pauly Saal to try their lunch deal. The venue is very impressive and has a lovely old school charm with a modern twist which can also be seen in the menu as each dish is a modern reinterpretation of something classical.
The starters were definitely the stars of the meal. The salmon tartare was packed with amazing flavours and the radish salad was very refreshing and delicious.
pauly saal starter
pauly saal restaurant review The lamb as a main was beautifully cooked and definitely the winner between the two main dishes.
pauly saal review
The baked chicken is one of their popular dishes and although it was nice it didn`t really feel like a Michelin star chicken :). 
pauly saal food
I don`t remember how the dessert was called on the menu but there was a lot of rhubarb, ginger, and some chocolate. Very light and refreshing.
berlin michelin star restaurant
michelin star restaurants in berlin

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  1. Ooh Berlin has been near the top of my travel list for a while now and this is definitely an extra motivation to go. How much was the lunch deal? xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua; Food, Sunshine, Italy

  2. It looks delicious, now I'm hungry ahah :b

    Beatriz ♥

  3. This looks so yummy! I went to Berlin recently and there is seriously so much good stuff to eat there :D


  4. This looks lovely! Especially the lamb, yum :)

    Life As Lissy