Monday, 18 May 2015

Where to find the best independent coffee in London

Since it`s Monday morning what better way to start the week than with a round up of the best independent coffee shops in London?! The coffee from independent coffee shops is so much better than the poor quality one provided by the big chains and although on a Friday morning I might give in to a chain coffee, on Monday morning I definitely need a good cup of high quality coffee.

1. Kaffeine
Kaffeine is my personal favourite because 1. they do amazing coffee and 2. they are close to my office, which means I`ve pretty much become a regular in the mornings there.
best coffee in london
2. Fernandez & Wells
Great coffee and great tapas, this is a favourite of mine for lunch.

3. Monmouth coffee
I`ve queued up for about 40 mins for a cup of this coffee and it was worth it but as you pretty much always need to queue up it`s not really the place to go for your daily coffee before work.
best independent coffee in london
Source: monmouth
4. Workshop Coffee Co
With a few locations around London this place is consistently good.

5. Flat White
Australian inspired coffee shop with beautiful coffee.

6. Bar Termini
£1 espressos served Italian style.
best coffee shop in london
7. The Espresso Room
Another great place for espresso lovers.

8. Lantana
Australian inspired cafe, I often go here for lunch as I love their salads, coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice.
independent coffee london
9. Federation Coffee
Brixton Village is a foodie paradise and Federation Coffee provides you with the perfect boost to keep going.

10. The Attendant
Famous for its toilet inspired interior this place does some pretty good coffee. Although it can definitely become a bit awkward if you`re having a business meeting and it looks like you`re drinking from a toilet :).
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  1. Coffee posts always make me drool, even if it's past midnight! They all look so yummy, gotta get my butt over to London soon!