Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Favourite fashion, travel & lifestyle Instagram accounts to stalk

Instagram is probably my favourite social channel at the moment. I`m having my own little routine now which is checking my Instagram every morning and then every evening. Although I love taking photos for my own channel, I also really enjoy browsing through the wonderful pictures other people take and these are a few of my personal favourite accounts:

best fashion instagram accounts

best travel instagram accounts

best lifestyle instagram accounts

What are some of your favourite accounts to follow? You can find mine here.
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Dim Sum at Royal China Club

I love going for dim sum at least once every 3 -4 weeks. There`s a local Royal China in Fulham to which we go quite often but this time we decided to venture slightly further to the Royal China Club in Baker Street which is their more upmarket restaurant.
The dim sum was overall pretty good and I really enjoyed the Chinese roast pork puffs, beef noodles and chicken feet. The Shanghai dumplings were beautiful as well with a wonderful broth inside. My least favourite dish were the egg tarts which weren`t quite as they should be but generally it`s pretty hard to find a dim sum restaurant that makes all the individual dishes to perfection. Overall we`ve had a great lunch and I`m definitely looking forward to going back.
dim sum royal china
royal china club review
royal china club restaurant
royal china club london
royal china club dim sum
royal china club food
dim sum london

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Stylish Algarve Travel Guide

stylish algarve travel guide
Where to stay:
  • We stayed at the beautiful Vila Vita Parc resort which was an unforgettable experience. The hotel has its own private beach, 8 swimming pools, a Michelin star restaurant, spa, golf course, etc. You can pretty much spend your whole holiday in the hotel and not get bored.
where to stay in algarve
Where to eat:
  • Casual dining: Rei Das Praias, Restaurante Akvavit, Adega Vila Lisa
  • To impress someone: Boia, A Quinta
  • Michelin star restaurants - there are quite a few Michelin star restaurants in Algarve but a few notable ones are Sao Gabriel restaurant & Henrique Leis 
What to do in Algarve:
Best way to explore Algarve is by renting a car which gives you the option to check out all the different villages, towns, and beaches.
  • Beaches: Praia da Marinha, Praia da Rocha, Praia da Coelha, Praia da Falesia
  • Towns: Tavira Old Town, Albufeira, Lagos, Sagres
  • Outdoor sport: Algarve is perfect for hiking, sailing, golf, tennis and so on
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at a luxury spa located in one of the hotels
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Monday, 22 June 2015

Michelin star hangover lunch at Launceston Place

From partying in East London on Saturday night in weird bars to lunch in a Michelin star restaurant in West London on Sunday. Launceston Place provided us with the perfect hangover lunch. 
We started off with white polenta bonbon with tomatoes and duck egg with bacon and foie gras. Really enjoyed the polenta bonbon which was all gooey and amazing inside. The duck egg was lovely as well however there are quite a few restaurants doing a similar dish so it was less of a surprise compared with the polenta bonbon.
launceston place restaurant review
launceston place review
For mains my boyfriend had the beef roast, with a carrot so huge that even the waitress started giggling when she was explaining the dish, while I had the risotto with morels and 36 months parmesan. The star of the mains was definitely my risotto which was amazing! Very well cooked and some beautiful flavours.
launceston place sunday lunch
launceston place london
For desserts we had the gold rush apple and the strawberry cheesecake. Both were lovely and quite light.
launceston place desserts
launceston place food

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A different kind of little black dress

little black dress
little black dress outfit
& other stories dress
& other stories outfit
a line black dress
& other stories styling
Palm trees, sunshine & clear skies, you probably have guessed this wasn`t shot in London. This is another outfit from beautiful Algarve just before we headed out for dinner. Loving the double straps details at the top of this dress which gives it a bit more of an sporty/ edgy look.
Sandals: & Other Stories
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer in London: what not to miss

1. Street food
Dalston Yard street food feast, Taste of London, there are a lot of urban food festivals in London this summer. I just went to Dalston Yard street food feast and absolutely loved the cool venue and the food. Runs for a limited time only every weekend so make sure you check it out before it`s gone.
things to do in london in summer
best london summer events
2. Somerset house outdoor cinema & gigs
In summer Somerset house becomes the host of some amazing outdoor gigs and outdoor movie screenings. Tickets sell out like hot cakes but I managed to get some to one of their movies this summer.
somerset house summer series
3. Rooftop & canalside parties
In summer the crowd moves outdoor and there are plenty of bars hosting rooftop or if you`re scared of heights, canalside parties. Head East for some of the best ones such as Flamingo Pier, Dalston Roof Park .

4. Music festivals
Field Day, Wireless, Lovebox, Citadel festival, South West Four, and many more. London is the place to be for music lovers this summer.

5. Open city documentary festival
Showcasing some of the best new documentaries from across the world across different London locations, the festival runs till 21st June and is looking pretty amazing!

6. Al fresco dining
In the weekend finding a restaurant with an outdoor area that has still a table available can be quite challenging as it really feels like the whole of London has the same plan as you. If you can it`s best to try to book ahead of time. River Cafe, Grain Store, The Modern Pantry, Beagle, The Albion are just a few that combine outdoors with great food.

7. Check out the markets
Brixton market, Columbia Flower market, Borough market, although extremely busy in summer, still amazing to visit.
columbia road market london
8. Outdoor sport events
Wimbledon, Polo in the Park, The Royal Henley Regatta, there are plenty of stylish sports events this summer.

9. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
If you`re in London make sure you don`t miss out on the most talked about exhibition of the year: Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty. Hands down the best fashion exhibition I`ve ever seen.
alexander mcqueen london exhibition
10. Notting Hill carnival
Notting Hill carnival although busy and sometimes a bit disappointing it`s fun to join with your friends at least once.

11. Best of London`s parks & gardens
Richmond park, Kew Gardens, Hyde Park, grab a picnic, some drinks and a Frisbee and you`re guaranteed a good day out.
best london parks
12. Open studios
Eel island art studios, Netil House open studios gives you the chance for a few days to step into the studios of artists, boutique owners, musicians and many more.

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Aussie breakfast in London: Granger & Co

Australia has probably the best breakfasts in the world. While I was there I was going out for breakfast almost every morning and loved the diversity in dishes and the quality of produce. Last weekend on a sunny morning the boy and I decided that it was time to find something similar in London so we headed over to Granger & Co, an Australian restaurant in Notting Hill, to try their famous breakfast. We both went for the "Fresh Aussie" option on the menu, along with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. A quite healthy option with fresh kale, beautiful tomatoes, cured salmon, avocado and poached eggs. Also really enjoyed the coffee which was of good quality.
Unfortunately they don`t take reservations in Notting Hill so get there early (we went at 9 am) as by 10 am it was completely full and with a queue outside. 
granger & co restaurant review
granger & co breakfast
granger & co notting hill

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Luxury resort experience in Algarve: Vila Vita Parc

vila vita parc
The Vila Vita Parc resort in Algarve is now on my top 3 best hotels I have ever stayed in so far. The rooms, gardens, private beach just a few steps away as well as the very friendly service have stolen my heart and made our stay in Algarve an amazing relaxing experience.

1. The room
Beautiful and very spacious room. I loved that it had a small balcony where you can relax and have a coffee. I also really liked is that you had a beach bag in every room, fruits, water, and small chocolates at night which I thought were some really nice small touches.
vila vita parc hotel
vila vita parc hotel review
vila vita parc review
vila vita parc algarve
vila vita parc room
2. The breakfast & other dining options
The breakfast was nice and had a lot of variety however as a huge hotel breakfast lover this one didn`t really impress me that much as I thought there wasn`t that much focus on really high quality ingredients and cooking.
The hotel has also a 2 Michelin star restaurant and quite a few other restaurants for lunch and dinner. The food is nice however if you have a car it`s definitely worth trying the local restaurants outside the hotel.
vila vita parc breakfast
3. The spa & fitness facilities
The hotel has around 8 pools, fitness centre, spa, and plenty of outdoor activities such as golf course, football, tennis courts, and so on. You can really pretty much spend your whole holiday in the hotel and not get bored. The boy and I played some golf and we actually had a great time especially since I almost beat him. Next time.
vila vita parc spa
4. The service
The service was amazing, very friendly and made you feel very welcomed.

5. The location
The hotel is about 40 mins by car from Faro airport and has it`s own private beach which was beautiful however as it`s more of a resort type of hotel, you do need a car to get around and check out the different beaches, restaurants and villages.
vila vita parc beach

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