Monday, 1 June 2015

Best destinations for vintage shopping

1. Tokyo
Tokyo is an amazing destination for luxury vintage shopping. You can find here some amazing deals for designer bags that I haven`t seen anywhere else in the world.
best destinations for vintage shopping
2. Paris
For premium vintage Paris is my favourite. I love the curation of clothing pieces in this city and you can find some great pieces from the 50s & 60s which aren`t so easy to find anymore.

3. London
Vintage in London I find it`s very 70s focused and not that cheap. I found that the best shops are actually the charity shops in the slightly more "posh" areas of West London where you can find some amazing premium designs for quite affordable prices.
where to go for vintage shopping
4. Hong Kong
Similar to Tokyo, Hong Kong can be a vintage luxury shopper paradise. However the best places are slightly more hidden than in Tokyo where they are everywhere.

5. Los Angeles
With some really amazing markets and thrift shops, LA can be a gold mine for vintage lovers and the prices can be much lower compared with Europe where vintage now can get quite expensive.

6. Berlin
There always seems to be some sort of flea market in Berlin any day of the week which makes it great for finding hidden treasures. Best suited for those that love rummaging for hours rather than shop in already curated vintage boutiques.
cities with best vintage shopping
7. Milan
Milan is renowned for its stylish residents and abundance of luxury brands and where there are luxury fashion brands there are vintage stores as well. Milan is a great choice in particular for accessories.

8. New York
No surprise here, I had to include New York on the list for its designer clothing boutiques.

9. Melbourne
I loved the fashion in Melbourne and its quirky boutiques. There`s a lot of European influence in Melbourne with a dash of Australian beach coolness.
vintage shopping travel tips
10. Copenhagen
For the best of Scandinavian fashion head to uber stylish Copenhagen.

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