Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Luxury resort experience in Algarve: Vila Vita Parc

vila vita parc
The Vila Vita Parc resort in Algarve is now on my top 3 best hotels I have ever stayed in so far. The rooms, gardens, private beach just a few steps away as well as the very friendly service have stolen my heart and made our stay in Algarve an amazing relaxing experience.

1. The room
Beautiful and very spacious room. I loved that it had a small balcony where you can relax and have a coffee. I also really liked is that you had a beach bag in every room, fruits, water, and small chocolates at night which I thought were some really nice small touches.
vila vita parc hotel
vila vita parc hotel review
vila vita parc review
vila vita parc algarve
vila vita parc room
2. The breakfast & other dining options
The breakfast was nice and had a lot of variety however as a huge hotel breakfast lover this one didn`t really impress me that much as I thought there wasn`t that much focus on really high quality ingredients and cooking.
The hotel has also a 2 Michelin star restaurant and quite a few other restaurants for lunch and dinner. The food is nice however if you have a car it`s definitely worth trying the local restaurants outside the hotel.
vila vita parc breakfast
3. The spa & fitness facilities
The hotel has around 8 pools, fitness centre, spa, and plenty of outdoor activities such as golf course, football, tennis courts, and so on. You can really pretty much spend your whole holiday in the hotel and not get bored. The boy and I played some golf and we actually had a great time especially since I almost beat him. Next time.
vila vita parc spa
4. The service
The service was amazing, very friendly and made you feel very welcomed.

5. The location
The hotel is about 40 mins by car from Faro airport and has it`s own private beach which was beautiful however as it`s more of a resort type of hotel, you do need a car to get around and check out the different beaches, restaurants and villages.
vila vita parc beach

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  1. so glad you posted this and I saw it as I'm staying here this summer! looks gorgeous!



  2. The stay looks amazing! I would love to stay in a hotel like this one!