Monday, 22 June 2015

Michelin star hangover lunch at Launceston Place

From partying in East London on Saturday night in weird bars to lunch in a Michelin star restaurant in West London on Sunday. Launceston Place provided us with the perfect hangover lunch. 
We started off with white polenta bonbon with tomatoes and duck egg with bacon and foie gras. Really enjoyed the polenta bonbon which was all gooey and amazing inside. The duck egg was lovely as well however there are quite a few restaurants doing a similar dish so it was less of a surprise compared with the polenta bonbon.
launceston place restaurant review
launceston place review
For mains my boyfriend had the beef roast, with a carrot so huge that even the waitress started giggling when she was explaining the dish, while I had the risotto with morels and 36 months parmesan. The star of the mains was definitely my risotto which was amazing! Very well cooked and some beautiful flavours.
launceston place sunday lunch
launceston place london
For desserts we had the gold rush apple and the strawberry cheesecake. Both were lovely and quite light.
launceston place desserts
launceston place food

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  1. Polenta and foie gras sound amazing, the risotto you had also looks incredibly delicious! My tummy is rumbling now hehe.. xxxxx