Sunday, 12 July 2015

Top mouthwatering burgers in London

1. Bleecker St Burger
My number 1 favourite burgers go to Bleecker St Burgers which are amazing. Not too much bread and perfectly cooked meat.
bleecker st burger london
2. MeatMarket
MeatMarket is another favourite located in Covent Garden that has some awesome cheeseburgers. The venue is pretty cool as well.
best london burgers
3. Honest Burger
Although Honest Burgers are great, the rosemary chips are the ones that make me want to keep going back there. The burgers are more on the small side and famous for their onion chutney.
top london burgers
4. Patty & Bun
Yummy burgers although not a fan of the chips.
london burgers
5. Lucky 7
Lucky 7 is one of the first proper burgers I have tried in London located in Notting Hill. Although there is too much bread for me I still love this classic burger.
lucky 7 burger

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