Sunday, 2 August 2015

Taiwanese buns at Bao

BAO has become highly popular in London in the last few months and whenever I pass its Soho location in the evening there`s always a long queue stretching on the street with some waiting for up to an hour which only adds to the hype. Fortunately my office is close by so I managed to sneak outside for an early dinner. 
The restaurant specialises in steamed buns with different kind of meat or vegetable fillings as well as a few of other Taiwanese small dishes meant for sharing. Although I quite enjoyed the buns I wasn`t really that impressed with the other dishes. The "bun highlight" was definitely the classic one filled with pulled pork which I loved. The daikon and the lamb buns were also quite nice however not as amazing as the pulled pork one.
bao london
bao buns
bao classic bun
The daikon bun was also nice and a good option if you don`t eat meat.
daikon bun
bao buns
 Guinea fowl rice was one of the few other dishes that were quite nice. The spicy fried chicken was ok however it felt really heavy so we didn`t finish it.
bao guinea fowl rice
bao spicy chicken
 The ice cream bun was unfortunately my least favourite dish. The ice cream didn`t have much flavour, neither did the bun and it was a bit like eating bread dipped in water. 
bao ice cream bun

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  1. The food looks so yummy!! Such a nice place :)
    I love this type of posts!

    Beatriz ♥

  2. This seems like such an interesting restaurant. Too bad the food couldn't live up to its concept. Great post and pics :)